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Heavy Machine Movers

Synergy Lifting are one of the UK's leading heavy machine movers. We can move a single heavy machine or relocate an entire factory in the UK or internationally.

Taking the weight off your mind

About Our Heavy Machine Movers Service

Synergy Lifting move machines everyday – whether this be from one factory to another factory, a machine movement from one part of site to another part of site, or a new delivery of machinery or equipment to offload and install. We are expert machine movers and have experience moving a range of machines both nationwide and internationally. From a single heavy machine or piece of equipment to entire factories, our machine movers service focuses on providing clients with a cost-effective machine movement solution where we take the lead and coordinate activities to deliver projects efficiently and safely. With personnel and resources spread across the UK, we are able to offer our machine movers service across the entire country and can even deliver our machine movers service internationally for certain projects. Our machine movers team can tackle even the most complex project and regularly move CNC machining centres, lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, boring machines, grinders, robotics equipment, scientific equipment, conveyor systems, HVAC equipment, ovens and furnaces, presses, and more…

Our machine movers service can be different for every project and we are proud to offer a tailored machine movers service based on your exact requirements. Simple projects often require just offloading, lifting, shifting, positioning, levelling, and installing but our service package can include a combination of our core machine movers offerings (including movement, transportation, lift and shift, dismantling, packaging, storage, and disposal) as well as our other services where required (including steel erection, cladding, roofing, temporary propping, demolition, and more).

Other Services

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    Machine Strip Out & Dismantling

    As machine movers, our projects often require multi-disciplined teams. Depending on the size of your machine and the location of your machine (whether that is the final position of the machine or existing location of the machine), we may need to strip your machine down into sizes that are suitable for egress, ingress, and transportation. If it is deemed necessary or more cost effective, we are also able to dismantle actual building structures (such as removing steelwork, cladding etc.) and then reinstate it after the machine movement.

    Machine Movement

    The core element of our machine movers service is the actual machine movement. Each machine movement project is different but they often include lifting and shifting machines through a factory, performing ingress or egress through an opening (whether this be a roller shutter door or opening in the roof or walls), offloading and loading machines from transport. To carry this out, our machine movers team have a range of specialist equipment (including skates, jacks, gantries etc.) and our own electric pick and carry cranes, forklifts, and mobile cranes.

    Machine Removal & Disposal

    If you are looking for our machine movers team to remove a redundant machine from your site (whether this is to create more space or to replace it with a new machine) then we can offer to take it off site and dispose of it too. As a registered Upper Tier Waste Carrier, we have the capabilities and facilities to do this in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We can also take potential scrap or resale value into consideration when quoting to do this and sometimes we can actually give you money and allow you to release equity from your redundant assets.

    Machine Packaging & Transportation

    Machine movement projects can involve the delivery of machines from a supplier or sometimes they require Synergy Lifting to supply our own transport and packaging services. Depending on the machines or equipment that need moving, our machine movers team can package (where required) and transport from A to B (and often also provide interim storage between points A and B). Different machines require different types of transport (flat beds, curtainsiders, euroliners etc.) and we plan and coordinate transportation for your machine movement project.

    Machine Storage

    Our machine movers team can offer an interim storage solution for clients. Reasons for interim storage can include - you may have purchased a machine but do not have a site or space on site to install it yet, you may be an OEM needing an interim storage solution until your client is ready to receive your items, or you may not have space to store old machines or spares. We can bring your machines to our secure storage area on our premises and store them for any period of time - in the past we have stored everything from AHUs to entire production lines.

    Factory Relocation

    Whether you are moving premises, shutting down an old factory, or expanding into a new factory, our management expertise coupled with our plant, equipment and competent personnel mean that we can offer a full factory relocation package which is both efficient and cost effective. Our turnkey factory relocation services are tailored to your individual project and are often an amalgamation of the various services we offer - such as strip out and dismantling, machine removal and disposal, machine movement, and machine transportation.

    Where we work


    Our machine movers team are working in a range of sectors across the UK, find out what we can do for you.


    Synergy Lifting supply crane hire and other lift and shift services on construction sites across the UK. We have also carried out machine movement projects for companies involved in the construction sector – for example, we carried out a full factory relocation for a brick manufacturer and we have assisted with various construction sector machinery installs.

    HVAC Equipment

    Synergy Lifting work with both manufacturers and installers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning units. We offer a number of services including offloading, lifting, shifting, and positioning HVAC equipment. As a registered Upper Tier Waste Carrier, we are also able to remove and dispose of redundant HVAC equipment from site too.

    Networks and Telecommunications

    Synergy Lifting are able to offer a range of services including logistics, lifting and handling, storage, and traffic management for both the installation of new telecom equipment and the disposal of redundant telecom equipment. With nationwide coverage, we can act as a single point of contact for these services for network and telecommunication firms.

    Industrial Equipment

    Synergy Lifting offer a complete range of services for both suppliers and installers of industrial machinery and equipment – from storage to transport, lifting, installing, and relocating. We have experience working with heavy machinery (such as presses, milling machines, lathes etc.) and equipment (such as conveyors, screens, towers etc.).


    Synergy Lifting offer heavy machine moving services to companies in different stages of the supply chain for the automotive sector. Our heavy machine moving team have assisted with repairs to machinery and equipment and also helped with the installation of new machinery into assembly line productions for companies involved in the automotive sector.


    Synergy Lifting are experienced providers of a range of services in the aerospace sector. For example, we have carried out the installation of overhead cranes and industrial scissor lifts at Airbus. We have also carried out dismantling works at British Aerospace and removed redundant equipment from manufacturing facilities in the aerospace sector.


    At Synergy Lifting we have worked on ports to provide on-board deliveries by crane and we have even worked to dismantle redundant dockside cranes. We also regularly lift different sized boats onto transport and cradles or into the water. With our usual special care taken, we recently lifted a ‘priceless’ 100 year old boat that had undergone restoration.


    Synergy Lifting regularly work in close proximity to rail lines and have worked with firms in the rail sector to assist with a wide range of equipment installation and heavy lifts. We have lifted engines out of locomotives for restoration purposes, disposed of redundant rail equipment, and we have lifted and assembled bridges on rail infrastructure projects.

    Electrical Power Generation

    Synergy Lifting have worked on electrical power generation sites including biomass power plants and energy-from-waste sites. Our work on these sites has included combinations of crane hire and contract lifting, specialist lift and shift operations for installation projects, and dismantling and packaging of redundant equipment.

    Wind Power and Renewable Energies

    From installing towers, turbines, and rotor blades on site to loading and transporting gear boxes. Synergy Lifting have provided crane hire and contract lift services to firms involved in different stages of the wind power and renewable energies supply chain – from manufacturers to end users. We are able to assist at different stages – from initial install to repair stages and final decommissioning.

    Food and Beverages

    Synergy Lifting have worked on a range of food and beverage sites across the UK including Greggs, Weetabix, McCain’s, PepsiCo, Hains Daniels, and more. Our work has involved heavy machine movement for food and beverage equipment such as lifting and shifting ovens, coolers, and bottling machines into place uas well as full factory relocation projects.

    Paper and Packaging

    From print presses to labelling machines, our team have lifted heavy equipment through roof openings and factory entrances. From offloading to ingress and positioning, we are able to provide our client’s in the paper and packaging sector with a full package machine mover service by utilising a range of plant and machine moving equipment.

    Plastics and Metals

    Synergy Lifting have lifted and shifted plastic moulding machines into position and removed redundant equipment for disposal. Our heavy machine mover projects have also involved installing large overhead cranes for companies in the metal sector at their stock warehouse facilities. We offer a full package heavy machine movement service in the plastic and metals sectors.


    Our team have years of experience in installations for petrochemical producers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and chemical mixing plants involving radioactive material handling. We prioritise health and safety whilst carrying out a cost-effective and efficient heavy machine mover service for companies in the chemical sector.


    Our heavy machine mover team have assisted with lifting and shifting a range of scientific equipment into position in laboratories – such as X-ray machines and centrifuges. Our team are aware of the value and fragility of the equipment we move and extra care is always take to ensure our projects are carried out safely and efficiently for companies in the scientific sector.


    From brick factories to laundering facilities, from industrial rail manufacturers to restaurants… Synergy Lifting have worked across a multitude of sectors for client’s across the UK and even internationally. Our heavy machine mover team can offer a full package service from just one point of contact and can tackle any problem with a positive approach.

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      How we operate

      Our Machine Movers Process

      Our machine movers team understand that every machine movement project is different. However, the process for delivering each project professionally is still the same (albeit the process for the work on site is rarely the same from one project to another). The core components of this process include our site visits and assessments, preparation of quotes and RAMS, confirmation of values for insurance purposes, and the execution and management of our project operations. Below is a typical outline of a standard machine movement project from start to finish.


      Site Visit

      The first step is for Synergy Lifting's machine movers team to conduct a site audit to produce documentation for the following steps.



      Following our initial site visit, our team will produce a detailed quotation with an outline of our scope of works and timescales.


      Site Assessment

      Our team will undertake our full site assessment to establish HSE requirements and finalise our method for lifting operations, dismantling etc.


      Risk Assessment

      With safety being our priority in all of our operations, a site-specific risk assessment will be created to go alongside our method statement.


      Method Statement

      Our team will write up a site-specific method statement detailing our safe working procedures to carry out our operations.


      Highways and Councils

      Synergy Lifting will work with local councils to arrange any necessary permits or road closures if heavy/wide loads need transporting off site.


      Insurance Covers

      Synergy Lifting's full comprehensive insurance covers will be presented to the client for review before site operations commence.


      Project Management

      The machine movement work will be undertaken by our qualified personnel utilising our specialist plant and equipment.



      We hand over the project to our client upon completion. This could be after a single machine mover or a full factory relocation.

      Why choose Synergy Lifting

      Expert Machine Movers

      Synergy Lifting’s machine movers team have experience working across a range of sectors throughout the UK and internationally. We have experience moving all types of machines – including CNC machining centres, lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, boring machines, robotics equipment, scientific equipment, conveyor systems, HVAC equipment, ovens and furnaces, presses, and the list goes on… We have built our reputation as one of the UK’s leading machine movers by offering a service that is not only built on our breadth of experience but also our ability to deliver projects safely and efficiently. To do this, we plan and execute projects which are carried out by our competent personnel with our specialist plant and equipment.

      Managerial Experience

      Our machine movers team includes a level of management with decades of experience moving heavy and awkward machines in the UK and internationally. This experience covers moving various machines and entire factory relocations - moving 1000s of tonnes of machines. As well as experience in machine movement, we also offer a range of other services which are often complimentary - such as steel erection, dismantling, roofing and cladding, demolition etc. It is the combined experience across this range of services that give Synergy Lifting a competitive advantage.

      Competent Personnel

      As well as a management team with decades of experience, our machine movers team comprises a workforce who have specialist competencies covering a range of activities - such as operators, lift supervisors, appointed persons, mechanics, steel erectors, slinger signallers etc. Our staff are experienced in different sectors and many are multi-disciplined and this allows us to complete projects more efficiently which creates cost savings that we can pass on to our clients. Our personnel undergo industry specific training to develop themselves continuously throughout the year.

      Plant and Equipment

      With machine movement being one of our core activities, we have our own stores with a range of specialist equipment (including jacks, skates, gantries, etc.) that allows us to execute each machine movement project properly. If required, we can fabricate and test our own lifting equipment to carry out bespoke lifting operations. We have our own fleet of plant (including electric pick and carry cranes, mobile cranes, and forklifts, etc.). Our machine movers team carefully plan each phase of the project and ensure that the correct plant and equipment is selected and used every time.

      Planning and Execution

      The planning phases in our machine movement projects pulls together our managerial experience, competent personnel, and suitable plant and equipment to allow us to execute and deliver machine movement projects efficiently, safely, and cost effectively. Careful planning and execution means we can operate with minimised risks to health and safety, without damage to the equipment and machinery we are moving, and without causing delay or resulting in unanticipated costs. We plan and execute each project with the same attention to detail, no matter the size or scope.