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What Size Crane Do I Need?

There are many factors to consider when trying to calculate what size crane you need. In this free guide to crane sizes we focus on covering mobile crane sizes. We have included a simple table that you can use to quickly estimate the crane size you will need based on the weight of your item and the radius (which we will explain further). However, almost no lifting operation is identical and this is the reason that only qualified Appointed Persons should choose a suitable crane size and crane type for your job. This crane size guide acts as a starting point for anyone wanting to approximate the logistical viability of their project and assess the scale of their lifting requirements.

Peter Stephens 30th June 2019

How Much Does Crane Hire Cost?

It is almost impossible to give a list of crane hire rates because just about every job requires a tailored quote – this is the reason you will struggle to find a crane hire price list online. This free guide by Synergy Lifting will not give you a definitive list of crane hire costs but it will outline the different factors that affect crane hire costs and give you a better understanding of what to ask for when looking for a quote for crane hire and help you to understand why crane hire costs can differ so much from job to job. If you want a no obligation crane hire price straight away, feel free to get in touch with us.

Peter Stephens 30th June 2019

Crane Hire or Contract Lift: What Is The Difference?

So you want to know the differences between crane hire and contract lifts? You have come to the right place. Don’t be confused by the terms crane hire and contract lift – both involve using a crane and executing lifting operations utilising a safe working method. The differences simply lie in who is responsible for different elements of each service – such as insurances, planning the lift and executing the lifting operation.

Peter Stephens 30th June 2019