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Leather Factory Machinery Install and Steel Erection

  • Client

    Engineering Firm

  • Location:


  • Project Duration:

    6 Months


01. Intro

What we did

Synergy Lifting provided a wide range of services on a site in Peterborough for a new leather manufacturing facility. These services included contract lifts, steel erection, machinery movement, and labour supply on a daywork basis (such as plant operators).

02. Project

How we did it


Synergy Lifting were given various works packages on this site. Our steel erection package included erecting portal frame buildings for a water treatment plant, erecting internal mezzanine steel structures for the main manufacturing lines, and erecting various secondary steelwork around the machinery. We also provided contract lifts with cranes ranging from 20te to 300te to lift machinery, silos, steelwork, filtration units, and more. Additionally, we provided labour on a daywork basis, including telehandler operators and electric pick and carry crane operators.


Over the 6 month project we supplied a range of cranes on a contract lift basis. These included, for example, 65te HIAB cranes, 40te mobile cranes, 60te mobile cranes, and up to a 300te mobile crane.


On this site we deployed various skilled labourers over the 6 month duration. These included appointer persons, steel erectors, lift supervisors, slinger banskmen, telehandler operators, forklift operators, and electric pick and carry crane operators.

03. Packages

Key operations


HIAB Cranes - Contract Lifts

We supplied HIAB cranes on a contract lift basis to lift silos into position. HIAB cranes were chosen due to headroom restrictions inside the facility.


Mobile Cranes - Contract Lifts

We also provided a range of mobile cranes on a contract lift basis to assist with machinery installs (such as on the water treatment plant) and steel erection.


Heavy Cranes - Contract Lifts

We provided a 300te mobile crane on full ballast to lift heavy equipment through roof openings for fixing and installation from inside the factory.


Portal Frame Buildings - Steel Erection

We erected portal frame buildings on site, such as over the water treatment plant and filter units.


Mezzanine Floors - Steel Erection

Inside the factory, we erected mezzanine floor structures around the main manufacturing lines.


Labour Supply and Site Services

We also provided qualified personnel on a daywork basis - including telehandler operators, forklift operators, and electric pick and carry crane operators.

04. Usage

How we can help you

This project illustrates some of the core services that Synergy Lifting supply. If you are looking all of these services as a package on a large project or just some of these services on a small project, then we are able to provide these to you – from crane hire and contract lifts to steel erection and labour supply.