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Traffic Management and Road Closures

Handling traffic management and road closures for your crane hire and contract lifting projects. Your one-stop-shop for a smooth project.

About our traffic management and road closure service

When faced with projects that necessitate crane or lifting appliance placement on public or private roadways, we proudly offer a comprehensive one-stop-shop service that includes traffic management and road closures if requested. Through our extensive network of personnel, we can diligently handle all communication with local authorities and councils, sparing you from the complexities of such processes. Our expert team efficiently manages all necessary permits, traffic orders, parking suspensions, and bus stop suspensions. Additionally, we expertly design and implement diversions as prescribed by local authorities, ensuring a smooth and safe traffic flow throughout your project’s duration. Count on us to optimize your operations and deliver superior solutions for your lifting endeavours.

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    What is included in our traffic management and road closure service?

    Each factory relocation project is unique and we can combine a range of our services to create a tailored package for your particular factory relocation project requirements. We can decommission and strip machines down, dismantle existing structures to allow for egress and ingress, move heavy and awkward loads with specialist equipment, dispose of redundant machines, transport your machines and equipment from Site A to Site B, provide an interim storage solution, and much more.


    Traffic Planning and Analysis

    At Synergy Lifting, our skilled team of traffic experts excels in devising comprehensive traffic planning strategies for your projects. We conduct detailed traffic analysis to identify potential bottlenecks and ensure optimal traffic flow during crane and lifting appliance placement. Our meticulous approach guarantees the safety and efficiency of your operations, minimizing disruptions to any surrounding residents and businesses.


    Traffic Coordination and Permitting

    Rely on Synergy Lifting’s seamless traffic coordination services to handle all aspects of permits and approvals required for your project. Our well-established relationships with local authorities and councils streamline the process, eliminating the need for you to navigate through bureaucracy. We take charge of securing the necessary permits, traffic orders, and other essential documentation, ensuring a smooth and compliant operation from start to finish.


    Safety-Centric Road Closures

    Safety is at the core of everything we do at Synergy Lifting. Our traffic implementation strategies prioritize the well-being of pedestrians, motorists, and workers alike. With expertly designed diversions and clear signage, we guarantee a secure and well-managed traffic environment around your project site. Rest assured that our dedicated team will enforce stringent safety measures, adhering to industry standards and regulations as a minimum.

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      Your traffic management and road closure experts

      Synergy Lifting are one of the UK’s leading crane hire and contract lifting providers and we are proud to couple this with our traffic management and road closure service. We have built our reputation by providing a full package service that creates cost savings through efficiencies. We are able to deliver these efficiencies due to 4 core components – our managerial experience, our competent personnel, our specialist plant and equipment, and our attention to planning which brings this all together as a well-executed turnkey project.

      Managerial Experience

      Our team have decades of experience in a range of sectors. Together, we have lifted 1000s of tonnes of equipment and machinery for both UK and international clients. As well as experience in lifting operations, we also offer a range of other services which are often complimentary - such as traffic management and road closures. It is the combined experience across this range of services that give Synergy Lifting a competitive advantage.

      Competent Personnel

      Synergy Lifting employ a workforce comprising personnel who have competencies covering a range of activities - such as operators, lift supervisors, appointed persons, slinger signallers, banksmen etc. Many of our staff are multi-disciplined and this allows us to complete projects more efficiently which creates cost savings that we can pass on to our clients. Our personnel undergo industry specific training to keep sharp.

      Vehicles and Equipment

      We have our own range of specialist equipment and vehicles that allows us to undertake each traffic management and road closure project properly. Our team carefully plan each phase of the project and ensure that the correct equipment is selected and used every time. We partner with other traffic management firms when we need to and we liaise closely with councils for smooth project coordination.

      Planning and Execution

      Having managerial experience, competent personnel, and suitable vehicles and equipment is the foundation of our teams success. But it is the planning that brings this all together and allows us to execute our projects without risks to health and safety and without causing delay. We plan and execute each traffic management and road closure project with the same attention to detail, no matter the size or scope.