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Machine Packaging & Transport

Synergy Lifting provide machine packaging and transport solutions to clients across a range of sectors both nationally and internationally.

About our machine packaging & transport service

At Synergy Lifting, we take pride in our top-level machine packaging and machine transport service. We offer on-site packing at our customer’s premises if needed, ensuring efficiency and safety throughout the transportation process. Timely and smooth delivery of large components is vital for seamless projects. Our meticulous planning involves thorough route assessment, addressing potential obstacles, and obtaining necessary approvals for transporting abnormal loads. With our expert team and adherence to all regulatory aspects, you can trust us to deliver your machinery and equipment securely and reliably, enabling your projects to progress without delays.

What to consider when planning machine packaging & transport?

When planning machine packaging and transport, choose an experienced and reputable service provider like Synergy Lifting. On-site packing services ensure secure and efficient preparation for transportation. Timely delivery of large components is essential for project success. Thorough route planning anticipates obstacles and promotes a smooth journey. Ensure compliance and approvals for transporting abnormal loads. Prioritise safety and security with advanced equipment and industry best practices. Seek customised solutions to match your specific needs. Transparent communication keeps you informed throughout the process. With Synergy Lifting’s expertise, your machinery will be safely transported, contributing to the seamless progress of your project.

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    Your machine packaging & transport project

    What is included in our machine packaging & transport service?

    At Synergy Lifting, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions for machine packaging and transport that are both efficient and cost-effective. Our comprehensive service covers every aspect of the process, ensuring your machinery is handled with precision and care. With a focus on maximising efficiency, we conduct thorough site assessments and implement streamlined project management to provide you with the most effective solution. Our expert team ensures safe and professional handling, and our efficient logistics and transportation guarantee timely delivery. Moreover, we handle all compliance and documentation requirements, offering a seamless and hassle-free experience for the secure transportation of your valuable assets.


    Efficient Logistics & Transportation

    Efficient logistics and reliable transportation are at the core of our service, ensuring timely delivery of your machinery and equipment to its destination without delays.


    Compliance & Documentation

    We handle all necessary compliance and regulatory aspects, obtaining approvals for transporting abnormal loads and ensuring proper documentation.


    Comprehensive Site Assessment

    Where suitable, before initiating machine packaging and transport we can conduct a detailed site assessment to understand your specific requirements and tailor our approach accordingly.


    Safe & Professional Dismantling

    Where required, our skilled team ensures the safe and professional dismantling of your machinery, carefully labelling and documenting each component for seamless reassembly.


    Streamlined Project Management

    Our streamlined project management approach ensures a well-coordinated and smooth machine packaging and transport process from start to finish. Whether this is for a single machine or an entire factory.


    On-Demand Equipment Retrieval

    We offer on-demand equipment retrieval services, promptly delivering your machinery back to your facility whenever needed, minimizing downtime and maximising productivity.

    What sectors have we done machine packaging & transport for?

    At Synergy Lifting, we have amassed versatile experience in machine packaging and equipment transport services, catering to a wide array of sectors. Our expertise extends to various industries, including manufacturing, construction, energy, and more. Whether it’s handling delicate machinery for the pharmaceutical sector or transporting heavy equipment for the mining industry, our skilled team excels in providing tailored solutions for each sector’s unique requirements. With a proven track record of successful projects, you can trust us to deliver efficient and reliable machine packaging and transport services that align precisely with your sector-specific needs.


    In the construction industry, Synergy Lifting excels in the realm of machine storage and transport. A notable example of our expertise involves relocating an entire brick factory to a new site. We’ve also contributed to the installation of new equipment at a modular homes factory. Beyond this, we consistently provide crane hire services to construction firms, bolstering their projects with reliable lifting solutions. Our focus on machine storage, transport, and efficient lifting highlights our commitment to enhancing the construction sector’s operational efficiency.

    HVAC Equipment

    Synergy Lifting specializes in the storage and transportation of HVAC equipment, collaborating closely with both heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit manufacturers, as well as installation experts. Our expertise extends beyond on-site lifting of HVAC units; we also excel in handling the relocation and installation of new and pre-owned equipment integral to the manufacturing process. Whether it’s efficiently positioning HVAC units on-site or facilitating the seamless movement of vital equipment within manufacturers’ facilities, Synergy Lifting is your trusted partner for precision machine storage and transport in the HVAC industry.


    In the realm of automotive services, we specialize in delivering comprehensive factory relocation solutions and expert machine moving services to numerous enterprises within the aerospace sector. Our track record includes successfully relocating a flight simulations manufacturer from the southern coast to the northwestern region. Notably, we’ve orchestrated the installation of advanced overhead cranes at Airbus facilities and executed intricate dismantling operations at British Aerospace, among other notable endeavors. Our portfolio reflects our commitment to facilitating seamless transitions and providing tailored solutions to the aerospace industry’s distinct requirements.


    In aerospace, Synergy Lifting excels as a provider. We’ve installed overhead cranes and lifts at Airbus, conducted dismantling at British Aerospace, and removed redundant equipment from manufacturing sites. Our expertise spans diverse services, affirming our role as a reliable aerospace partner.


    Operating in close proximity to rail lines, Synergy Lifting collaborates seamlessly with rail sector entities to facilitate equipment installation and manage hefty lifts. Our engagements include extracting locomotive engines for restoration, disposing of obsolete rail equipment, and assembling rail infrastructure bridges through intricate lifts. Our prowess in these endeavors underscores our versatility and reliability as a partner within the rail industry.


    Synergy Lifting is a prominent player in the power sector’s machine storage and transport domain. Our proficiency shines as we facilitate the seamless movement of equipment and machinery within various power generation sites, ranging from biomass power plants to energy-from-waste facilities. Additionally, our adeptness extends to dismantling and installing wind power equipment and turbines. In the arena of machine storage and transport, we are a trusted partner in the power sector, ensuring precision and efficiency every step of the way.

    Food and Beverages

    Synergy Lifting has a significant presence in the food and beverage sector across the UK, collaborating with key industry players like Greggs, Weetabix, McCain’s, PepsiCo, and Hains Daniels. Our expertise involves the precise movement of heavy equipment, including ovens, coolers, and bottling machines, to ensure optimal placement. Our role in enhancing operational efficiency within food and beverage facilities is a testament to our commitment to the industry.

    Paper and Packaging

    Synergy Lifting has a significant presence in the food and beverage sector across the UK, collaborating with key industry players like Greggs, Weetabix, McCain’s, PepsiCo, and Hains Daniels. Our expertise involves the precise movement of heavy equipment, including ovens, coolers, and bottling machines, to ensure optimal placement. Our role in enhancing operational efficiency within food and beverage facilities is a testament to our commitment to the industry.

    Plastics and Metals

    Synergy Lifting is a trusted collaborator for equipment manufacturers in the plastics and metals sector, offering expertise in new equipment installation. We also partner with companies within this industry to seamlessly relocate entire production lines between sites, aiding in expansion and operational efficiency. Our focus on machine storage and transport showcases our dedication to optimizing processes within the plastics and metals sector.

    Chemical and Scientific

    With extensive experience, our team specializes in installations for petrochemical producers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and chemical mixing plants. This includes handling radioactive materials. Our approach prioritizes health and safety while delivering cost-effective and efficient machine moving services to companies within this sector.


    Synergy Transport and Storage specializes in the seamless movement and safekeeping of machinery within the realm of industrial operations. Our expertise extends to the handling of substantial equipment like presses, milling machines, lathes, as well as various components such as conveyors, screens, and towers. Whether it’s the transportation of individual machines, complete production lines, or the comprehensive relocation of entire manufacturing facilities, we are equipped to ensure a smooth transition.


    Spanning from brick factories to chemical plants, industrial rail manufacturers to paper mills, Synergy Lifting boasts a rich history of engagement across a wide spectrum of sectors, both domestically and on the global stage. Our prowess extends to devising and executing comprehensive factory relocation endeavors tailored to your industry of operation.

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      What is our machine packaging & transport process?

      At Synergy Lifting, our machine packaging and transport process is a well-orchestrated blend of efficiency, professionalism, and expertise. We begin with a comprehensive site assessment to understand the specific requirements of each project. Where required, our skilled team executes safe and professional dismantling, ensuring every component is carefully labelled and documented for streamlined reassembly. We map efficient delivery routes, considering potential obstacles to avoid delays. Our commitment to compliance and documentation ensures all regulatory aspects are diligently addressed, securing approvals for the transport of abnormal loads. Throughout the process, our streamlined project management guarantees a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients. With years of experience across diverse sectors, we tailor our services to suit each industry’s unique demands, delivering exceptional results that meet and exceed expectations. Trust Synergy Lifting for your machine packaging and transport needs, where professionalism and efficiency converge to ensure your valuable machinery and equipment reaches its destination safely and on schedule.


      Site Visit

      The first step is for Synergy Lifting's machine packaging and transport team to conduct a site audit to produce documentation for the following steps.



      Following our initial site visit, our team will produce a detailed quotation with an outline of our scope of works and timescales.


      Site Assessment

      Our team will undertake our full site assessment to establish HSE requirements and finalise our method for lifting operations, dismantling etc.


      Risk Assessment

      With safety being our priority in all of our operations, a site-specific risk assessment will be created to go alongside our method statement.


      Method Statement

      Our team will write up a site-specific method statement detailing our safe working procedures to carry out our operations.


      Highways and Councils

      Synergy Lifting will work with local councils to arrange any necessary permits or road closures if heavy/wide loads need transporting off site.


      Insurance Covers

      Synergy Lifting's full comprehensive insurance covers will be presented to the client for review before site operations commence.


      Project Management

      The machine packaging and transport work will be undertaken by Synergy Lifting’s qualified personnel utilising our specialist plant and equipment.



      We hand over the project to our client upon completion. This could be after a full factory relocation or a single machine move.

      Your machine packaging & transport experts

      At Synergy Lifting, our success in machine packaging and transport is attributed to our core strengths and expertise. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our operations, driven by a skilled team, state-of-the-art equipment, and meticulous planning. As we provide a seamless and efficient service.

      Managerial Experience

      Our managerial team boasts extensive experience in overseeing machine packaging and transport projects. Their strategic guidance ensures smooth execution and seamless coordination, delivering optimal results for our clients.

      Competent Personnel

      At Synergy Lifting, we take pride in our competent and dedicated personnel. Our skilled team members are well-trained in handling diverse machinery, guaranteeing safe and reliable transport for even the most complex equipment.

      Plant and Equipment

      We invest in cutting-edge plant and equipment, allowing us to execute machine packaging and transport with precision. Our advanced resources enable us to handle various sizes and types of machinery efficiently.

      Planning and Execution

      Meticulous planning and flawless execution are at the heart of our machine packaging and transport services. We conduct thorough site assessments, anticipate challenges, and devise efficient delivery routes to ensure timely and secure transportation.