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Crane Hire and Contract Lifting Factory Relocation Heavy Crane Hire Machinery Movement

Pin Factory International Relocation

  • Client

    Automotive Sector

  • Location:

    Bradford, UK to Mexico, Italy, and USA

  • Project Duration:

    6 Weeks


01. Intro

What we did

Synergy Lifting carried out an international factory relocation – relocating a pin facility from Bradford, UK to Mexico, Italy, and the USA for a firm in the automotive industry. Various machines were relocated, including presses (up to 40te weight), grind lines (including about ten 12te grinders), CNC machines, and various other machines and equipment.

02. Project

How we did it


On this international factory relocation project, Synergy Lifting planned and executed all heavy lifting and shifting operations to perform egress and load all machines onto transport for it to then be relocated to Mexico, Italy, and the USA. All of our work was carried out as a fully insured operation by competent and experienced personnel and with a range of suitable plant and equipment. The work was coordinated to ensure that it was done in a timely fashion and to suit the client’s required programme of works. The machines and equipment being relocated included: CNC machines (makes included Takisawa and Sinico), grinding and finishing machines (makes included Loeser, Supfina) and presses (including a 40te horizontal press).

Plant and Equipment

To carry out this work, we mobilised on site with a range of suitable equipment which included: 64te skates, toe jacks, pad jacks, slings, chains, shackles, and much more. We also provided plant which included: forklifts, electric pick and carry cranes up to 12te, 40te cranes (the Liebherr LTM 1040-2.1) and a 200te crane (the Liebherr LTM 1200-5.1)


From appointed persons to plan the lifting operations, to site supervisors controlling the activities, to operators and riggers carrying out the operations. Synergy Lifting’s competent personnel completed these operations and time and safely.

03. Timeline

Key events

04. Usage

How we can help you

Synergy Lifting are able to supply a full turnkey factory relocation project for clients in the UK and also internationally. We can relocate a factory from one city to another or we can relocate a factory from one country to another. Our team are experienced in relocating machines in various industries – from automotive to food and beverages and many more.