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Factory Relocation

Synergy Lifting are a leading factory relocation specialist, providing clients with a full package factory relocation service from one point of contact.

About our factory relocation service

Synergy Lifting provide a turnkey factory relocation service for clients across the UK and Europe. Our factory relocation service includes disconnecting and decommissioning, strip out and dismantling, lifting and shifting, removal and disposal, packaging and transportation, offloading and positioning, and finally reinstallation and recommissioning.

What to consider when planning a factory relocation?

You need to consider a company, such as Synergy Lifting, that have the practical knowledge and experience needed to successfully plan and carry out a turnkey factory relocation project. Our factory relocation team have specialised knowledge and equipment that allows us to carry out a safe, efficient and cost effective factory relocation project.

Given the high risk nature of a factory relocation and given that they are often time critical, failing to choose a specialist firm can result in project delays and unsafe working procedures. At Synergy Lifting, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled ability to carry out a turnkey factory relocation project that ensures a smooth change from the existing premises to the new premises with minimal disruption.

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    Your factory relocation project

    What is included in our factory relocation service?

    Each factory relocation project is unique and we can combine a range of our services to create a tailored package for your particular factory relocation project requirements. We can decommission and strip machines down, dismantle existing structures to allow for egress and ingress, move heavy and awkward loads with specialist equipment, dispose of redundant machines, transport your machines and equipment from Site A to Site B, provide an interim storage solution, and much more.


    Strip Out & Dismantling

    Where required, our factory relocation team can strip and dismantle structures to allow for ingress and egress of your machines. This can include dismantling steelwork, creating openings in a roof or wall, and also reinstating these alterations afterwards if required. Our factory relocation team can also strip and dismantle your machines to allow for ingress or egress when this is more practical or economical or if it is required to reduce them to transportable sizes.


    Packaging & Transportation

    We arrange for the full relocation of your equipment from one site to another site with suitable options – whether this is done using trailers or curtainsiders or if it requires abnormal load movements. If your machines or equipment need packaging (for example if they are fragile or are being exported) then we can undertake this as part of our scope of works too. This packaging can be bespoke made and can range from crates for machines to cradles for silos.


    Lifting & Moving

    The main part of the factory relocation project is moving the equipment and machines through the factory and outside ready for loading and vice versa at the end destination. Synergy Lifting have a range of specialist equipment including skates, jacks, gantries etc. and we even have our own electric pick and carry cranes, forklifts, and larger mobile cranes. We can relocate machines on your site or we can relocate them to another factory.


    Interim Storage

    If you have not found a new site yet, if you do not know if you will need all of your equipment at your new site but need it off the old site, or if you just want more time to plan your factory layout then you can benefit from an interim storage solution. Synergy Lifting offer interim storage at our secure premises as part of our factory relocation service. We have stored various equipment ranging from entire production lines to small items such as AHUs, lathes, etc.


    Removal & Disposal

    Depending upon the circumstances of your factory relocation project, you might not want to keep all of your equipment and machinery – perhaps you are downsizing or perhaps you are replacing redundant equipment with new equipment at the new site. If you need to dispose of a redundant machine or piece of equipment then we can take potential scrap or resale value into account to offset against the factory relocation project costs.


    Positioning & Installation

    Often the final step in our factory relocation package is the final positioning, levelling, and installation of your equipment. We work alongside you to help programme the factory relocation project so that the deliveries suit your new factory layout. In some situations it can be more economical to alter a factory layout (for example when enabling works or heavy cranes are involved) and we can let you know if cost savings are there for your consideration.

    What sectors have we relocated factories in?

    Factory relocations can be required in almost every sector in some shape or form. We have relocated factories in most sectors and have a thorough understanding of the different types of machines and equipment in different sectors and the different working conditions that can be required when carrying out a factory relocation in a different sector. Below you can read an outline about some of the more common sectors that we have done factory relocation and machine moving projects in.


    We have carried out factory relocation projects for firms in the construction industry – for example we relocated an entire brick factory from one site to another and we assisted with the installation of new equipment at a new modular homes factory. As well as this, we provide crane hire to firms in the construction industry almost every day.

    HVAC Equipment

    Synergy Lifting work with both manufacturers and installers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning units. As well as working on site to lift HVAC units into and out of position, we have also done work at various manufacturers’ sites to relocate and install new and used equipment that is used in the manufacturing process.


    We have provided factory relocation packages and machine moving services to many companies working in the aerospace sector. We moved a flight simulations manufacturer from the south coast to the north west, we have installed overhead cranes at Airbus, we have carried out dismantling works at British Aerospace, and much more.


    Synergy Lifting are experienced providers of a range of services in the aerospace sector. For example, we have carried out the installation of overhead cranes and industrial scissor lifts at Airbus. We have also carried out dismantling works at British Aerospace and removed redundant equipment from manufacturing facilities in the aerospace sector.


    Synergy Lifting regularly work in close proximity to rail lines and have worked with firms in the rail sector to assist with a wide range of equipment installation and heavy lifts. We have lifted engines out of locomotives for restoration purposes, disposed of redundant rail equipment, and we have lifted and assembled bridges on rail infrastructure projects.


    We have relocated factories for firms who operate in the power sector. We have relocated equipment and machines on electrical power generation sites including biomass power plants and energy-from-waste sites. We have also dismantled and installed wind power equipment and turbines.

    Food and Beverages

    Synergy Lifting have worked on a range of food and beverage sites across the UK including Greggs, Weetabix, McCain’s, PepsiCo, Hains Daniels, and more. Our work has involved heavy machine movement for food and beverage equipment such as lifting and shifting ovens, coolers, and bottling machines into place uas well as full factory relocation projects.

    Paper and Packaging

    We have relocated entire factories in the paper and packaging sector and often carry out machine moving services. From print presses to labelling machines, our team have lifted heavy equipment through roof openings and factory entrances and we have relocated equipment from one end of the country to the other end and even overseas.

    Plastics and Metals

    We are often contracted by equipment manufacturers to assist with the installation of new equipment in the plastics and metals sector. We are also often contracted by firms working in this sector who want to relocate entire production lines from one site to another, whether this is for expansion or to streamline their operations.

    Chemical and Scientific

    Our team have years of experience in installations for petrochemical producers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and chemical mixing plants involving radioactive material handling. We prioritise health and safety whilst carrying out a cost-effective and efficient machine moving or factory relocation service for companies in this sector.


    Synergy Lifting have relocated factories that fall under the broader industrial sector. We have experience working with heavy machinery (such as presses, milling machines, lathes etc.) and equipment (such as conveyors, screens, towers etc.). We can relocate single machines, whole production lines or entire factories.


    From brick factories to chemical plants, from industrial rail manufacturers to paper mills… Synergy Lifting have worked across a multitude of sectors for client’s across the UK and even internationally. We can plan and carry out a factory relocation project for you no matter which sector you are in.

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      What is the factory relocation process?

      Synergy Lifting are proud to provide a carefully thought out and thoroughly planned factory relocation service. Each factory relocation project is different. Some factory relocation projects can be completed in a day whilst some can take place over a series of months. No matter the size of the project, there are always several components that comprise the foundation of our process – these include our site visits and assessments, preparation of quotes and RAMS, confirmation of values for insurance purposes, and the execution and management of our project operations. Below is a typical outline of a basic factory relocation project from start to finish.


      Site Visit

      The first step is for Synergy Lifting's factory relocation team to conduct a site audit to produce documentation for the following steps.



      Following our initial site visit, our team will produce a detailed quotation with an outline of our scope of works and timescales.


      Site Assessment

      Our team will undertake our full site assessment to establish HSE requirements and finalise our method for lifting operations, dismantling etc.


      Risk Assessment

      With safety being our priority in all of our operations, a site-specific risk assessment will be created to go alongside our method statement.


      Method Statement

      Our team will write up a site-specific method statement detailing our safe working procedures to carry out our operations.


      Highways and Councils

      Synergy Lifting will work with local councils to arrange any necessary permits or road closures if heavy/wide loads need transporting off site.


      Insurance Covers

      Synergy Lifting's full comprehensive insurance covers will be presented to the client for review before site operations commence.


      Project Management

      The factory relocation work will be undertaken by Synergy Lifting’s qualified personnel utilising our specialist plant and equipment.



      We hand over the project to our client upon completion. This could be after a full factory relocation or a phase of the overall project.

      Your factory relocation experts

      Synergy Lifting are one of the UK’s leading factory relocation providers. We have built our reputation by providing a full package service that creates cost savings through efficiencies. We are able to deliver these efficiencies due to 4 core components – our managerial experience, our competent personnel, our specialist plant and equipment, and our attention to planning which brings this all together as a well-executed factory relocation package.

      Managerial Experience

      Our factory relocation management team have decades of experience in a range of sectors. Together, we have lifted 1000s of tonnes of equipment and machinery for both UK and international clients. As well as experience in factory relocations, we also offer a range of other services which are often complimentary - such as steel erection, dismantling, roofing and cladding, demolition etc. It is the combined experience across this range of services that give Synergy Lifting a competitive advantage.

      Competent Personnel

      Synergy Lifting employ a workforce comprising personnel who have competencies covering a range of activities - such as operators, lift supervisors, appointed persons, mechanics, steel erectors, slinger signallers etc. Many of our staff are multi-disciplined and this allows us to complete projects more efficiently which creates cost savings that we can pass on to our clients. Our personnel undergo industry specific training to develop themselves continuously throughout the year.

      Plant and Equipment

      We have our own stores with a range of specialist equipment that allows us to execute each factory relocation project properly. If required, we can fabricate and test our own lifting equipment to carry out bespoke lifting operations. We have our own fleet of plant - including electric pick and carry cranes, mobile cranes, and forklifts. Our factory relocation team carefully plan each phase of the project and ensure that the correct plant and equipment is selected and used every time.

      Planning and Execution

      Having managerial experience, competent personnel, and suitable plant and equipment is the foundation of our factory relocation teams success. But it is the planning that brings this all together and allows us to execute our factory relocation projects without risks to health and safety, without damage to the equipment and machinery we are moving, and without causing delay. We plan and execute each project with the same attention to detail, no matter the size or scope.