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About Us

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Who are we?

About Synergy Lifting

Synergy Lifting are a multi-disciplined crane hire and industrial services firm operating across a range of industries. From small one day jobs to projects spanning months, Synergy Lifting have the cranes, plant, equipment and labour in place to deliver a professional service. Through multiple service offerings, we have created a one-stop-shop for our customers which helps reduce effort on their part and also results in a more cost efficient project overall. Our management team have experience working for clients in various industries and we pride ourselves in offering a first class service with excellent back-up irrespective of location.

What areas do we cover?

Synergy Lifting have a network of personnel working throughout the UK and we are able to offer a range of our services on short notice. If you need to arrange a site visit or get an indicative quote, get in touch with us today. Our management team have experience with large scale international projects as well as localised small scale projects and we pride ourselves on treating all of our work with the same level of safety and quality.

What are our core values?

At Synergy Lifting we have outlined a set of core values which we believe are key to giving us a competitive edge over our competitors. It is through focusing on these core values that we are able to exceed our customer’s expectations and a offer a complete service all year round. Simply put, we focus on safety, quality, flexibility, professionalism, customer service, and the provision of a full package service.


Safety Practices

Equipment Maintenance

We instigate regular checks on our equipment to ensure everything is in excellent operating condition.

Incident Management

We take all incidents seriously and work to apply learnings from them in a continuous effort to work towards a zero incident target.

Safety Audits

Regular audits allow us to pursue our objective of continuous improvement in safety to ensure up-to-date safety practices.

Safety Meetings

To review the set of safety objectives, policies and procedures in place and to communicate any changes to all staff at all levels and encourage two-way communication both on site and in the back office.


We recognise that it is integral to ensure all our employees have the necessary skills and experience to meet the high safety standards in conjunction with high quality expectations.


Synergy Lifting maintain an OHSAS 18001 certification with regular auditing procedures, giving you peace of mind that we are going above and beyond.


Key Policies

Here you can read our key policies, please contact us for more information. At Synergy Lifting, we are committed to all of our stakeholders and to minimising the effects we have on the environment. This is why we have made public our key policies and why we only approve subcontractors who have similar stances.