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Machine Removal & Disposal

Synergy Lifting provide machine removal and machine disposal services across the UK. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

About our machine removal & disposal service

At Synergy Lifting, we offer comprehensive machine removal and disposal services for sites that require full or part decommissioning, from removing condensers to entire factory strip outs. Our expertise extends to managing internal plant and process dismantling, as well as the removal of structures and platforms. With a broad range of asset disposal capabilities across the entire UK, we are committed to delivering efficient and seamless solutions for your project with no job too big or too small.

What to consider when planning a machine removal & disposal?

When it comes to machine removal and disposal, selecting a reliable and experienced company like Synergy Lifting is paramount. Our team possesses the practical knowledge and expertise needed to successfully plan and execute machine removal and disposal projects. With specialised equipment and a wealth of experience, we guarantee a safe, efficient, and cost-effective process from start to finish.

Given the intricate nature of machine removal and disposal, as well as the potential risks involved, it is crucial to entrust the task to specialists. Failing to choose an expert firm can lead to project delays and unsafe practices. At Synergy Lifting, we take pride in our unmatched ability to handle machine removal and disposal with precision, ensuring a seamless transition from the current location to the designated destination while keeping disruptions to a minimum. With us, you can rest assured that your project will be in capable hands, delivering results that meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

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    Your machine removal & disposal project

    What equipment and machines do we remove and dispose of?

    At Synergy Lifting, we recognize the distinctiveness of various machine removals and equipment. Our expertise extends to a wide array of situations, and we take pride in offering comprehensive solutions. Here’s an overview of some of the equipment we can skilfully remove and dispose of, ensuring responsible handling throughout the process.

    What is included in our machine removal & disposal service?

    At Synergy Lifting, we recognise that every machine removal and disposal project is unique, demanding personalised approaches for successful outcomes. Our comprehensive range of services allows us to address your specific requirements efficiently. From expert machine dismantling and safe removal to eco-friendly disposal and seamless logistics, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Trust us to handle your machine removal and disposal needs with precision and care.


    Removal & Disposal

    Our skilled team has a deep understanding of the logistical challenges that come with machine removal and disposal. We take care of all transportation needs, ensuring a smooth and timely movement of machinery from your location to the designated disposal facilities. With Synergy Lifting managing the logistics, you can focus on other critical aspects of your project, knowing that the process is in capable hands. Experience a hassle-free machine removal and disposal process with our efficient services.


    Compliance & Documentation

    Synergy Lifting takes the hassle out of the paperwork. Our experts ensure full compliance with all relevant regulations, providing comprehensive documentation for the entire removal and disposal process. From permits to environmental reports, we handle all the necessary paperwork, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our transparent and accountable services. Choose us as your trusted crane and services provider, knowing that your project is in reliable and capable hands.


    Comprehensive Site Assessment

    When you partner with Synergy Lifting for your machine removal and disposal needs, you benefit from our thorough and professional site assessment. Our skilled team carefully evaluates the scope of the project, considering all the crucial aspects for a successful operation. This assessment lays the groundwork for an efficient and tailored approach to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish. Trust our reliable machine removal and disposal experts to handle your project with precision and expertise.


    Safe & Professional Dismantling

    At Synergy Lifting, safety is our utmost priority. Our expert team are well-versed in the safe and precise dismantling of machinery, adhering to industry-leading standards and guidelines. With specialised equipment and extensive experience, we guarantee a secure removal process, mitigating any risks associated with handling heavy equipment and components. Choose our eco-friendly asset disposal services for responsible practices that contribute to minimising the environmental impact.


    Streamlined Project Management

    With Synergy Lifting as your partner, you can expect streamlined project management that minimises disruptions and optimises efficiency. Our team’s expertise allows us to plan and execute the machine removal and disposal process meticulously, ensuring timely completion while keeping operational continuity intact. Experience the difference of seamless project management with Synergy Lifting and achieve your goals with utmost efficiency. Entrust your projects to us and enjoy the confidence of a well-coordinated, successful outcome.


    Positioning & Installation

    Moreover, our capabilities extend beyond removal and disposal when required – we are well-equipped to install and position new machinery seamlessly, replacing the removed equipment. At Synergy Lifting, we have honed our expertise to include a seamless transition from removal to installation, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your machinery needs. This ensures a streamlined and continuous workflow, minimising downtime and maximising the operational effectiveness of your facility.

    What sectors have we done machine removal & disposal for?

    At Synergy Lifting, we take pride in our extensive experience in machine and equipment removals and disposals, serving diverse sectors with precision and expertise. With a deep understanding of the unique types of machines and equipment found in different industries, we are well-equipped to navigate the specific challenges each sector presents during the removal and disposal process. Below, you can find an outline of some of the more common sectors where we have excelled in machine removals and disposals. Rely on our proven track record to handle your industry-specific needs with efficiency and care.


    We’ve managed machine removal and disposal tasks for construction companies. For instance, transferring a full brick factory and aiding equipment setup in a modular homes facility. Additionally, we offer daily crane rental to construction firms.

    HVAC Equipment

    Synergy Lifting collaborates with heating, ventilation, and AC unit manufacturers and installers. We not only handle on-site HVAC unit positioning but also conduct tasks at manufacturers’ sites, relocating and installing equipment utilized in the manufacturing process.


    In the aerospace domain, we’ve delivered comprehensive machine removal solutions and equipment transfer services. Notably, we relocated a flight simulations manufacturer cross-region, set up Airbus’ overhead cranes, performed disassembly tasks at British Aerospace, and more.


    Synergy Lifting excels in diverse aerospace services. We installed overhead cranes and scissor lifts at Airbus. Dismantling tasks at British Aerospace and eliminating redundant equipment from aerospace manufacturing sites are also part of our expertise.


    Operating near rail lines, Synergy Lifting collaborates with rail sector companies for equipment setup and heavy lifting. Our tasks include restoring locomotive engines, disposing of unused rail equipment, and assembling bridges for rail infrastructure projects.


    In power sectors, we handle machine removal and disposal. We relocate equipment within power generation sites, like biomass and waste-to-energy plants. Our tasks also involve disassembling and installing wind power equipment, including turbines.

    Food and Beverages

    Synergy Lifting’s engagements span UK food and beverage sites, like Greggs, Weetabix, and more. Our tasks encompass heavy machine movement for equipment like ovens, coolers, and bottling machines, in addition to complete factory relocation projects.

    Paper and Packaging

    We’ve transferred complete facilities in the paper and packaging sector, offering machine removal services. Our team handles diverse equipment, lifting heavy loads through roofs and entrances, and orchestrating relocations across the country and internationally.

    Plastics and Metals

    We’ve moved entire factories within the paper and packaging sector and frequently conduct machine removal services. From printing presses to labeling machines, our team efficiently removes heavy equipment through roof openings and factory entrances. We manage equipment relocation across the country, overseas, and internationally.

    Chemical and Scientific

    With years of experience, our team handles installations for petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and chemical mixing plants, including radioactive material handling. Emphasizing health and safety, we offer cost-effective, efficient machine removal and factory relocation services for companies in this sector.


    We’re adept at handling heavy machinery like presses, milling machines, lathes, as well as equipment such as conveyors, screens, and towers. Our services encompass individual machines, entire production lines, or complete factories.


    Synergy Lifting’s expertise spans various sectors, including brick factories, chemical plants, industrial rail manufacturing, and paper mills. Our services extend across the UK and internationally.

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      What is our machine removal & disposal process?

      At Synergy Lifting, we take pride in delivering meticulously planned and carefully executed machine removal and disposal services. Each project is unique, with varying timelines and complexities. Whether it’s a quick removal or a comprehensive disposal that spans months, we ensure a seamless process. Our well-structured approach includes detailed site visits, accurate assessments, and the preparation of quotes and RAMS. Our expert team handles the efficient execution and management of operations, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free machine removal and disposal experience from start to finish. Trust us for reliable and top-quality services tailored to your specific needs.


      Site Visit

      The first step is for Synergy Lifting's machine removal and disposal team to conduct a site audit to produce documentation for the following steps.



      Following our initial site visit, our team will produce a detailed quotation with an outline of our scope of works and timescales.


      Site Assessment

      Our team will undertake our full site assessment to establish HSE requirements and finalise our method for lifting operations, dismantling etc.


      Risk Assessment

      With safety being our priority in all of our operations, a site-specific risk assessment will be created to go alongside our method statement.


      Method Statement

      Our team will write up a site-specific method statement detailing our safe working procedures to carry out our operations.


      Highways and Councils

      Synergy Lifting will work with local councils to arrange any necessary permits or road closures if heavy/wide loads need transporting off site.


      Insurance Covers

      Synergy Lifting's full comprehensive insurance covers will be presented to the client for review before site operations commence.


      Project Management

      The machine removal and disposal work will be undertaken by Synergy Lifting’s qualified personnel utilising our specialist plant and equipment.



      We hand over the project to our client upon completion. This could be after a full factory removal or a single machine.

      Your machine removal & disposal experts

      Synergy Lifting leads as one of the UK’s top machine removal and disposal providers. Our reputation stems from delivering comprehensive services that generate cost savings through efficient processes. These efficiencies are the result of four core components – our expertise in plant and equipment removal, our commitment to compliance assurance, our focus on efficiency and reliability, and our meticulous planning that culminates in a well-executed machine removal and disposal package. Trust us to handle your equipment removal needs with precision and care, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

      Managerial Experience

      Our expertise in machine removal and disposal is underscored by our machine movers team, featuring management members with decades of experience navigating the complexities of relocating heavy and unwieldy machinery both within the UK and on an international scale. This seasoned knowledge extends to encompass a wide spectrum of machines and entire factory relocations, involving the careful transportation of thousands of tonnes of machinery.

      Competent Personnel

      Our machine removal and disposal team is fortified not only by decades of management experience but also by a skilled workforce boasting specialised proficiencies across various tasks. This includes adept operators, lift supervisors, appointed persons, mechanics, steel erectors, slinger signallers, and more. Our personnel possess diverse sector experience, with many being versatile in multiple disciplines.

      Plant & Equipment

      Machine removal and disposal is one of core services. We maintain an inventory of specialised equipment in our dedicated stores, encompassing items like jacks, skates, gantries, and more. In cases where unique lifting operations are necessary, we're proficient at fabricating and testing custom lifting equipment. Our capabilities extend to encompass a comprehensive fleet of plant machinery, featuring electric pick and carry cranes, mobile cranes, forklifts, and more.

      Planning and Execution

      Our machine removal and disposal approach combines decades of managerial expertise, proficient personnel, and appropriate plant and equipment. This synergy enables us to flawlessly carry out machine removal and disposal projects, ensuring efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness throughout the process. Our commitment to meticulous planning remains consistent, irrespective of project size or complexity.