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British Aerospace Crane Hire & Dismantling

  • Client

    Construction Contractor

  • Location:

    British Aerospace, Farnborough

  • Project Duration:

    3 Months


01. Intro

What we did

On a recent project, Synergy Lifting supplied labour to carry out soft strip-out works at BAE Systems in Farnborough as well as cranes to dismantle and lift down heavy concrete panels from the building’s exterior faces and courtyard.

02. Project

How we did it


On this project, we initially supplied personnel with suitable qualifications (including IPAF) to work inside the building alongside our client’s personnel to carry out soft strip-out works. At this same time, our appointed person made visits to site to assess a range of options for utilising cranes to strip the concrete panels from the exterior face of the building and also the courtyard area (with panels weighing up to 8t in some areas). After our lift plans were approved by the main contractor, we commenced with our contract lifting operations to strip these panels from the building and place them in a suitable laydown area for collection and removal from site.

Crane Options

Initially we proposed utilising a compact city crane in the courtyard area to keep the cost low for our client. However, following plate tests on the courtyard ground, it became apparent that this would not be possible. We then devised a new lift plan, setting up a 220t crane in different positions around the building to remove the concrete panels efficiently and whilst maintaining a cost-conscious approach.


This project was headed by one of our appointed persons who made frequent site visits and prepared all RAMS for the lifting activities. On-site personnel consisted of a range of skilled tradesmen including crane operators, riggers, slinger signallers, and lift supervisors.

03. Phases

Key operations


Soft Strip-out

Initially, we sent personnel to site to strip out the internal fixtures and fittings. This soft strip-out was carried out alongside our client's personnel and together we had a team of 20 persons carrying these works out.


Lifting Operations

Utilising a 220t crane (the Tadano ATF 220G-5), we systematically dismantled the concrete panels on the building's exterior face and courtyard. To do this cost effectively, we re-positioned the crane in 3 different locations around the site.



As our lifting team dismantled and lifted the concrete panels down into the laydown area adjacent to the heavy crane, we also provided additional plant and transport to remove the panels from site for disposal.

04. Usage

How we can help you

A new customer of ours had been told they would require a 300t crane to carry out lifting over a week long period. After a site visit and an assessment of the lifts, our appointed person and CAD team devised a new lift plan that would utilise a 220t crane in 3 positions instead of the original 300t crane in one position. Although this increased the time needed for mobilising and demobilising the crane, our efficient working method meant we had the lifting done in just 4 days with less ballast and a smaller crane – almost half the originally allocated time for lifting activities. Heavy crane hire can be relatively expensive so at Synergy Lifting we are always looking to save money for our customers by assessing a variety of options.