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Crane Hire and Contract Lifting Factory Relocation Machinery Movement

Brickwork Factory Relocation

  • Client

    Eldon Brickworks

  • Location:


  • Project Duration:

    3 Weeks


01. Intro

What we did

Synergy Lifting undertook a factory relocation project for a brickwork factory that involved strip-out works, crane lift operations, transportation, and re-assembly. We coordinated the entire project which allowed for a smooth operation with minimal disruption.

02. Project

How we did it


Our scope of works involved supplying suitable labour, plant, and equipment to carry out this factory relocation project as a complete package service. Our appointed persons and management team planned and prepared all operations prior to commencement. In addition to our usual project paperwork, we also prepared documentation for reassembly of the equipment at its new destination. The factory relocation took place over 3 weeks and our team completed all strip-out and disassembly works, lifting operations, and transportation.

Asset Recovery

As well as relocating the machinery from the existing factory to the new one, Synergy Lifting also disposed of redundant assets on site. We built an allowance into our price to allow for the scrap value of redundant assets and secondary steelwork. When machinery is re-saleable, we can also work with our clients to help them sell this or offset the value of it against our costs.

Plant and Equipment

After all paperwork and procedures were approved, we began our factory relocation project. This project involved utilising a range of plant – in particular the pick and carry Franna crane which was used for lifting items into laydown areas and loading them onto transport. We also used a range of our machinery movement equipment including skates and jacks. Our team also used equipment for burning and cutting during our strip-out phase.


This project was headed by our senior appointed person who prepared all RAMS and had oversight on the project from start to finish. On-site personnel consisted of a range of skilled tradesmen including steel erectors who were experienced in steel dismantling and strip-outs, crane operators, riggers, slinger signallers, lift supervisors, plant operators, and our health and safety team who carried out regular site inspections.

03. Phases

Key operations


Strip-out & Disassembly

Our team striped out redundant secondary steelwork to clear the factory space and disassembled machines into transportable sizes.


Lifting Operations

Utilising plant such as the pick and carry Franna crane and our machine moving equipment, we lifted the machinery into laydown areas and onto transport.



After loading machinery onto transport, we relocated it from the existing factory to the new factory where we then offloaded it.



At the new factory relocation, we offloaded the machinery from transportation and performed lifting operations to reassemble and position it.

04. Usage

How we can help you

Synergy Lifting have experience planning and delivering factory relocation projects for clients in different sectors – from industrial factory relocations such as this one to more delicate operations involving scientific laboratory equipment. We can provide a full package service that includes strip-out works, lifting operations, transportation and additional site services such as steel erection and dismantling.