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MRI Scanner Removal

  • Client

    International Medical Equipment Logistics Firm

  • Location:


  • Project Duration:

    1 Day


01. Intro

What we did

On a recent project at Darlington Memorial Hospital, Synergy Lifting lifted an MRI scanner from a hospital utilising a 350t crane. The MRI scanner was lifted onto our client’s own transport, an international medical equipment logistics firm, for removal from site to allow repairs to be carried out.

02. Project

How we did it


Our scope of works involved supplying a heavy crane, labour, and tackle on an insured contract lift basis. Our appointed person planned the lift carefully and provided a detailed lift plan prior to works commencing – including a method statement, risk assessment, and crane plan illustration. On the day of the lift, the crane arrived on site and mobilised during the early hours of the morning. Following mobilisation and safety inductions, our team slung the MRI scanner that needed to be removed, lifted it out of the building through a roof opening, and lowered it onto transport for removal from site. Our team then returned to site at a later date to repeat this operation to lift in a new MRI scanner.

Traffic Management

Due to the lifting operation taking place at a hospital and the need to set the crane up close to the A&E entrance, extra care had to be taken to ensure ambulances had immediate access if needed. To allow for this, special care was taken with a thoroughly planned on-site traffic management procedure and the lifting operation took place in the early hours of the morning to minimise disruption.

Plant and Equipment

Prior to the crane arriving on site, we first delivered and positioned extra large outrigger mats to make sure that the crane’s ground bearing pressure would be reduced to a suitable level based on the ground type and results of a plate test. The crane utilised on site was a 300t crane – the Grove GMK 6300L. We also supplied all suitable lifting tackle and extra equipment such as two-way radios due to the lift being blind.


The project involved various personnel at different stages. Initially, a site visit was carried out by our appointed person who then prepared the method statement and risk assessment. Our appointed person liaised with our CAD technician who prepared a crane plan illustration too. On the day of the lift, we had delivery drivers for the extra large outrigger mats and ballast. The core lifting team then comprised of the crane operator, a lift supervisor who also acted as a slinger signaller, and an additional slinger banksman.

03. Timeline

Key events

04. Usage

How we can help you

We provide crane hire and contract lifts to clients who are involved in the medical equipment sector. Additionally, we are able to carry out lifting operations for any other clients who work in different sectors and require specialist lifting services. In this particular instance our client provided the transportation to remove the MRI scanner from site. However, we are also able to offer full package services that include transportation and storage too.