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Manchester Crane Hire & Contract Lifting

Synergy Lifting supply customers in Manchester with mobile crane hire and contract lift service across a range of sectors.

About our Manchester crane hire service

Welcome to the realm of Synergy Lifting, where premier crane hire services meet the demands of Manchester and its adjacent regions. Our expertise extends beyond conventional crane hire, encompassing meticulously orchestrated contract lifts that adhere to the highest industry standards. Our extensive fleet comprises mobile cranes boasting lifting capacities ranging from 22 to 1,200 tons, equipping us to address diverse lifting needs across various sectors. Furthermore, our exclusive electric pick and carry cranes bolster our status as the preferred choice for all your lifting prerequisites. Rely on us for your lifting and construction requirements in the vibrant realm of Manchester and its surroundings, guided by unwavering reliability, efficiency, and professionalism.

Other services we provide in Manchester

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    Your Manchester crane hire & contract lifting project

    What types of crane hire in Manchester do we provide?

    Unparalleled Crane Hire solutions await you, as our diverse collection of mobile, tower, and mini cranes stand ready to cater to your project’s requirements. Whether it’s contract lifting services that demand meticulous planning and execution or specialized solutions designed to address the unique challenges of your project, we are equipped with the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver results. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and professionalism, our team of experts ensures that your project is executed with precision and care. Your Manchester crane hire project’s success is not just a goal for us—it’s a commitment we uphold with every service we provide.



    Our team in Manchester boasts years of industry and technical experience to ensure safe and precise Manchester crane hire operations.



    We understand the value of time in business. Our efficient services ensure that your projects stay on schedule and within budget.


    Diverse Fleet

    We offer a diverse fleet of state-of-the-art cranes, capable of handling various lifting capacities and project complexities.


    Custom Solutions

    Every business project is unique. Our Manchester crane hire team excels at tailoring crane solutions that align with your specific requirements.


    Safety First

    Safety is at the core of everything we do. Our stringent safety protocols and certified operators guarantee a secure working environment.


    Compliance & Documentation

    Ensuring a seamless and legally compliant operation is paramount in the realm of crane hire, and we take this responsibility seriously.

    Why choose our Manchester crane hire service?

    Building a foundation of trust within the Manchester business community is at the core of our mission. Our consistent delivery of exceptional crane hire services has solidified our reputation as a reliable and reputable partner. With a track record of successful collaborations spanning diverse industries, we’ve earned the confidence of local businesses in Manchester through our unwavering commitment to professionalism and excellence. When you choose us, you’re choosing a proven partner that understands the unique needs of the Manchester business landscape and is dedicated to ensuring your project’s success.


    Proven Track Record

    Throughout the years, our crane hire services have established a consistent record of success, not only in Manchester but also across various locations. Our history of accomplishments stands as evidence of our expertise. We’ve handled diverse projects, showcasing our ability to deliver exceptional results, regardless of project size or complexity. Whether you’re in Manchester or beyond, our proven track record reflects our dedication to excellence, making us a reliable choice for your crane hire needs.


    Affordable Rates

    Quality crane hire services need not break the bank. Our belief in accessibility is evident not only in Manchester but also in other areas. Synergy Lifting firmly hold that businesses of all sizes should have access to top equipment and expertise without straining budgets. Our competitive rates enable you to benefit from outstanding crane hire solutions, whether you’re located in Manchester or beyond. Synergy Lifting are committed to offering value that matches your budget, ensuring your projects can flourish without compromising on quality.


    Client-Centric Approach

    Synergy Lifting’s core philosophy centers around you – the client. This approach, rooted in our values, extends its impact beyond Manchester to wherever our services are required. We understand that every project is unique, and that’s why we prioritise understanding your goals and needs. With a focus on your requirements, we tailor our crane hire solutions to perfectly match your vision. From start to finish, our aim is to ensure your objectives remain the focal point, building a partnership founded on shared success.


    Exceptional Support

    Synergy Lifting’s commitment to your project’s success doesn’t end with the crane operation. This holds true whether you’re in Manchester or any other location. We understand that unexpected challenges or questions may arise, and our exceptional support remains at your service. From consultation to project completion and beyond, we’re dedicated to addressing your concerns promptly and thoroughly. Our focus on exceptional support ensures your crane hire experience is smooth, efficient, and aligned with your goals.



    Whether it’s the bustling streets of Manchester or various other locations, our reputation for reliability remains steadfast. We know that time is precious in business, and our commitment to punctuality is a cornerstone of our service. When you engage with us, you can trust that our crane hire services adhere to schedules, ensuring a seamless project process. Be it a project in Manchester or elsewhere, our reliable approach assures you that your lifting needs are met promptly and efficiently.


    Transparent Project Management

    In today’s intricate business landscape, transparency is vital. From Manchester to various locations, we uphold this principle in our project management practices. Our emphasis on clear communication and meticulous planning ensures you’re informed at every step of your crane hire journey. We know that success relies on collaboration and understanding, which is why our transparent approach extends to every aspect of the project. With our commitment to transparency, you can trust your crane hire project will proceed smoothly, reaching milestones and exceeding expectations.

    Do you need a crane hire in Manchester or a contract lift in Manchester?

    The table below outlines the key differences between a crane hire and a contract lift. The main difference is that if you do not have an appointed person to plan the lifting activities and you do not have the relevant insurances in place, you will need a contract lift service. If you are not sure which one is best for you, get in touch and we can help you figure out what you need.

    Crane Hire Manchester

    What does this include?

    • Crane with operator
    • Method statement and risk assessment
    • Qualified appointed person to plan lift
    • Qualified slinger signaller
    • Qualified lift supervisor
    • Insurance for damage to the crane
    • Insurance for damage to goods lifted
    • Legal responsibility for damage or injury

    Contract Lift Manchester

    What does this include?

    • Crane with operator
    • Method statement and risk assessment
    • Qualified appointed person to plan lift
    • Qualified slinger signaller
    • Qualified lift supervisor
    • Insurance for damage to the crane
    • Insurance for damage to goods lifted
    • Legal responsibility for damage or injury

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      Why do Manchester businesses and sites trust us for their crane hire needs?

      Embarking on your crane hire journey with us is as effortless as it is empowering. From the moment you reach out, our dedicated team is committed to making your experience seamless and successful. Our process begins with an open conversation, where we eagerly listen to your project’s unique requirements. Through detailed discussions and consultations, we tailor our crane solutions to match your specific needs, ensuring precision and efficiency.

      Once the details are set, our expert team conducts thorough site assessments to ascertain the most suitable crane for your project’s demands. With a clear plan in place, we move forward, orchestrating every aspect of the crane operation with meticulous care. On the day of execution, our skilled Manchester operators and cutting-edge equipment ensure a flawless lift, adhering to the highest safety standards. At Synergy Lifting, our goal is to not only provide exceptional crane hire services but also to empower your business to reach new heights. Contact us today to initiate your Manchester crane hire journey and experience the difference of working with a dedicated partner invested in your success.


      Request a Quote

      Starting your project journey is as easy as reaching out to us. Share your project details, and our responsive Manchester team will swiftly provide a customised, transparent quote tailored precisely to your unique needs. Our commitment to clarity ensures you have the essential information to move forward confidently.


      Seamless Operation

      When the day arrives, our skilled operators and advanced equipment work seamlessly to execute the plan. Precision and efficiency define every lift, guaranteeing a smooth and successful operation adhering to the highest safety standards. Our dedication ensures your Manchester project’s successful completion.


      Site Assessment

      Our experienced experts conduct thorough on-site assessments, meticulously evaluating your project’s environment. This analysis underpins our crane selection process, guaranteeing a seamless match between site attributes and crane capabilities. Understanding terrain and challenges allows us to execute safe, successful crane operations in Manchester.


      Project Completion

      Guided by stringent compliance measures, we meticulously execute each project phase to meet industry regulations and safety standards. From obtaining permits to meeting legal requirements, we navigate compliance intricacies. This commitment ensures your Manchester project not only meets objectives but also maintains legal integrity, offering peace of mind in a job well done.


      Planning and Execution

      Collaboration takes center stage as we design a detailed plan that fits your project’s needs and requirements. From precise scheduling to safety protocols, each element is considered for flawless execution. This approach ensures your Manchester project progresses smoothly, on schedule, and aligned with your vision, whether that be small scale or large scale projects.


      Eco-Friendly Approach

      As a responsible Manchester crane hire provider, we prioritise sustainable practices in every aspect of our operations. Our Manchester fleet includes state-of-the-art electric pick and carry cranes, minimising emissions and reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional machinery.

      Frequently asked questions

      What size crane do I need?

      This can depend on many variables such as weight, radius, height and so on. Read our article to learn more about this or get in touch and we can help you with this. Article – What size crane do I need?

      How much does crane hire cost?

      This depends on if you need a crane hire or a contract lift. It also varies depending on the size of crane required and a number of other factors. Article – How much does crane hire cost?

      Do I need crane hire or a contract lift?

      The main difference is that if you do not have an Appointed Person to plan the lifting activities for you and you do not have the relevant insurances in place, you will need a contract lift. Article – What is the difference between crane hire and a contract lift?