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London Crane Hire & Contract Lifting

Synergy Lifting supply customers in London with mobile crane hire and contract lift service across a range of sectors.

About our London crane hire service

At Synergy Lifting, we are more than just a crane hire service provider. We are also a team of dedicated and qualified professionals who are passionate about delivering the best results for our clients. We have years of experience and expertise in the crane industry, and we are always ready to take on new challenges and opportunities. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and expectations, and we tailor our services to suit their specific requirements. Whether it is a small or large project, a simple or complex lift, a short-term or long-term hire, we have the solution for you. We are committed to providing the highest level of safety, quality, and customer satisfaction in every crane hire service we offer.

Other services we provide in London

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    Your London crane hire & contract lifting project

    What types of crane hire in London do we provide?

    Embark on a journey of excellence with our Crane Hire services, where our fleet of mobile, tower, and mini cranes is at your disposal to meet your project’s distinctive needs. Whether you’re in need of contract lifting services that are meticulously planned and executed with the highest standards of safety and efficiency, or you’re seeking specialised solutions that consider the complexities of your project, we have the expertise and equipment to make it happen. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to exceeding industry standards, we ensure that your London crane hire project is not only successful but executed with precision and care.



    Armed with decades of industry insight, our team holds an exceptional level of expertise in crane hire and operation. We guarantee the utmost precision and dependability in catering to your London crane hire lifting requirements.



    We value time and resources. Our streamlined processes and efficient workflow empower us to deliver projects on schedule without compromising on quality.


    Diverse Fleet

    Uncover our comprehensive crane fleet, thoughtfully selected to meet the diverse requirements of projects and capacities. No matter the size or scope, our range allows us to effectively address projects spanning urban to industrial landscapes.


    Custom Solutions

    Individualised solutions are our hallmark. Our team’s close collaboration with you ensures the creation of crane solutions that perfectly suit the particular needs of your London crane hire project.


    Safety First

    Safety is at the core of our operations. We maintain the highest safety standards and protocols, providing a secure working environment for our team while delivering excellence in your project.


    Compliance & Documentation

    Guiding you through compliance is our commitment. From handling documentation to ensuring adherence to standards, we navigate the complexities, letting you focus on your London crane hire project.

    Why choose our London crane hire service?

    Witness the Synergy Lifting Edge for your Manchester crane hire needs. As a renowned leader in the crane hire and service industry, we hold true to delivering unmatched quality while placing safety as our utmost priority. Our expansive fleet of cutting-edge cranes, operated by highly proficient and certified professionals, guarantees the seamless and secure execution of your projects. Recognising the unique intricacies of Manchester’s topography, our tailored solutions are meticulously designed to align with your specific lifting prerequisites. Whether it’s a construction venture, infrastructure project, or diverse lifting scenarios, Synergy Lifting stands as your unwavering partner, providing an impeccable blend of precision, reliability, and expertise. Embrace the edge that defines Synergy Lifting for all your Manchester crane hire needs. Encounter the pinnacle of advanced technology and adept service propelling your projects towards unparalleled success.


    Proven Track Record

    Our London crane hire and service expertise is underscored by a proven track record that spans numerous projects. From precision lifts to extensive operations, our portfolio showcases our dedication to excellence and our mastery of crane services. By choosing to collaborate with us, you’re tapping into a wealth of knowledge and competence, ensuring your project’s success through tried-and-true methods.


    Affordable Rates

    Our dedication to transparent pricing ensures that you can access premium assistance without exceeding your budget. This affordability doesn’t entail a compromise on the quality of our services or the reliability of our equipment. We offer budget-friendly solutions that seamlessly integrate with your financial considerations, allowing your project to move forward without financial stress. Enhance your project with outstanding crane services while adhering to your budget – that’s our commitment.


    Client-Centric Approach

    A client-centric approach defines Synergy Lifting’s philosophy. Our crane hire and services are designed around your individual needs, ensuring a tailor-made experience. Every project is distinct, and we invest the time to deeply understand your goals, concerns, and desires. Your satisfaction takes precedence, and we consistently exceed expectations to align our solutions perfectly with your vision. Join hands with us for a personalised journey that puts your project’s triumph at the forefront.


    Exceptional Support

    Our commitment to exceptional support means we stand by you throughout the process, from the earliest planning stages to project completion. Have inquiries or doubts? Our skilled team is prepared to offer expert advice and assistance. Our rapid and open communication ensures you’re always in the loop and confident in your choice to collaborate with us.



    In Synergy Lifting’s approach to crane hire and services, reliability reigns supreme. Our meticulously maintained crane fleet is equipped for any task, regardless of magnitude. Our experienced team of operators and technicians ensures that our equipment is perpetually in peak condition, minimising downtimes and enhancing efficiency for your project. You can trust us for unwavering service that inspires unshakeable confidence – your London crane hire project’s progress will always be assured, thanks to our unwavering resolve.


    Transparent Project Management

    Regular updates, open communication channels, and detailed progress reports are the norm, ensuring you’re equipped to make informed decisions and remain current on your London crane hire project’s advancement. Partner with us confidently, knowing that our transparent process cultivates trust and certainty in our partnership.

    Do you need a crane hire in London or a contract lift in London?

    The table below outlines the key differences between a crane hire and a contract lift. The main difference is that if you do not have an appointed person to plan the lifting activities and you do not have the relevant insurances in place, you will need a contract lift service. If you are not sure which one is best for you, get in touch and we can help you figure out what you need.

    Crane Hire London

    What does this include?

    • Crane with operator
    • Method statement and risk assessment
    • Qualified appointed person to plan lift
    • Qualified slinger signaller
    • Qualified lift supervisor
    • Insurance for damage to the crane
    • Insurance for damage to goods lifted
    • Legal responsibility for damage or injury

    Contract Lift London

    What does this include?

    • Crane with operator
    • Method statement and risk assessment
    • Qualified appointed person to plan lift
    • Qualified slinger signaller
    • Qualified lift supervisor
    • Insurance for damage to the crane
    • Insurance for damage to goods lifted
    • Legal responsibility for damage or injury

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      Why do London businesses and sites trust us for their crane hire needs?

      When it comes to fulfilling crane hire needs in Manchester, Synergy Lifting stands as the trusted choice for local businesses and sites. Our esteemed reputation in delivering top-tier crane solutions, along with a comprehensive understanding of Manchester’s industry-specific demands, positions us as the preferred partner for lifting requirements. Our accomplished team brings extensive hands-on experience to ensure meticulous execution of each lift, maintaining the highest safety standards. We acknowledge the unique nature of each project and collaborate closely with clients to devise tailored lifting strategies that address specific challenges. From bustling construction sites to expansive industrial complexes in Manchester, our cutting-edge crane fleet and insightful logistical expertise ensure seamless operations.

      What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to safety. Safety takes precedence at Synergy Lifting. Our rigorous safety protocols are meticulously implemented to mitigate potential hazards, safeguarding personnel and valuable assets. Our industry-leading certifications further underscore our dedication to delivering crane hire services in Manchester that not only meet but exceed expectations. By choosing Synergy Lifting, you’re selecting a partner that fully comprehends your project’s importance, ensuring precision, professionalism, and unmatched service that foster confidence and trust.


      Request a Quote

      Unlock tailored crane hire services that cater to your London crane hire project’s intricacies. Our streamlined quotation process guarantees quick, accurate pricing. Start your project with precise estimates for informed decision-making.


      Seamless Operation

      Elevate efficiency through our seamless crane operations. Our adept operators, cutting-edge equipment, and stringent safety protocols work in harmony to ensure an impeccable lifting experience. Whether managing complex industrial tasks or delicate manoeuvres, we ensure uninterrupted project progress, minimising downtime, and maximising productivity.


      Site Assessment

      Depend on our proficient team to carry out detailed site assessments, uncovering the prime crane solution. We factor in elements like space restrictions, ground features, and safety prerequisites. This meticulous analysis ensures secure and efficient lifting, reducing risks for uninterrupted progress.


      Project Completion

      Experience your dreams transform into reality as we bring your project to a successful conclusion. Our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures meticulous oversight until the final lift is executed and your goals are reached. With a track record of punctual and budget-friendly completion, we take pride in being part of your London crane hire project’s success.


      Planning and Execution

      Dive into a world of meticulous planning and impeccable execution with our crane hire services. Our proficient experts work closely with your team to engineer a comprehensive lifting strategy. By emphasising safety and adhering to timelines, we orchestrate each phase, ensuring London crane hire progression that’s smooth, timely, and exceeds set goals.


      Eco-Friendly Approach

      Champion sustainability through our eco-conscious crane hire solutions. We embed ecologically friendly practices into all aspects, from equipment maintenance to fuel efficiency. Opting for us means not just partnering with a reliable lifting team but also contributing to a more sustainable future where progress and preservation coexist.

      Frequently asked questions

      What size crane do I need?

      This can depend on many variables such as weight, radius, height and so on. Read our article to learn more about this or get in touch and we can help you with this. Article – What size crane do I need?

      How much does crane hire cost?

      This depends on if you need a crane hire or a contract lift. It also varies depending on the size of crane required and a number of other factors. Article – How much does crane hire cost?

      Do I need crane hire or a contract lift?

      The main difference is that if you do not have an Appointed Person to plan the lifting activities for you and you do not have the relevant insurances in place, you will need a contract lift. Article – What is the difference between crane hire and a contract lift?