Industrial Plant Dismantling

Our industrial plant dismantling division are adept at offering a range of services tailored to you. Whether you need our plant dismantling team to remove individual equipment for relocation or you need our plant decommissioning team to completely strip down a redundant plant and dispose of all waste in an environmentally friendly manner, Synergy Lifting are able to offer a safe and cost-effective service. Our industrial plant dismantling division are able to operate across the UK and offer our industrial plant dismantling services on any scale project. Synergy Lifting have experience dismantling factories, dismantling batching plants, dismantling petrochemical plants and the list goes on...

Full package service - dismantling, relocation, strip-out, disposal, craneage, transport, lift and shift...

Types of industrial plant dismantling services we offer...

Batching Plant Dismantling

Synergy Lifting dismantle batching plants across the UK. We can completely strip down and dismantle batching plants for complete disposal or we can salvage parts for relocation to other sites.

Industrial Furnace Dismantling

Our industrial plant dismantling team have experience stripping out factories and dismantling furnaces. We are able to dispose of redundant furnaces and lift in new furnaces if required.

Bridge Dismantling

If there is an old bridge to take down, Synergy Lifting are able to coordinate a safe bridge dismantling project with a focus on safety. Our team have experience dismantling bridges across the UK.

Petrochemical Plant Dismantling

Our plant dismantling team have experience dismantling petrochemical plants with a serious attention to health and safety procedures and regulations. We offer a fully managed turnkey service to our clients.

Tank Farm and Silo Dismantling

Synergy Lifting have experience dismantling silos and dismantling entire tank farms. We regularly perform top and tail lifting operations to lift down redundant silos and lift up new ones.

HVAC Dismantling

We assist a variety of HVAC installers with their lifting operations for new equipment but we also offer a service where we lift out redundant chillers and AHUs for removal and safe disposal.

Dock Crane Dismantling

Our heavy lift division are able to safely dismantle dock cranes and gantry cranes for disposal. Synergy Lifting can provide a fully managed turnkey service to safely dismantle dock cranes and gantry cranes across the UK.

Structural Dismantling

Our team are skilled in both the erection and dismantling of steel structures and cladded structures. We are able to dismantle and clear entire sites across the UK in a safe and efficient manner.

Factory Dismantling

Synergy Lifting are able to dismantle factories for relocation to new sites or we can strip out redundant machinery for disposal. We have dismantled factories across a range of industries.

Overhead Crane Dismantling

Synergy Lifting offer a specialist overhead crane dismantling service for customers across a range of industries. We are able to safely dismantle overhead cranes for disposal and lift new ones into place.

Pumping Station Dismantling

If you need to dismantle a pumping station for relocation or for disposal, we are able to offer a fully managed and professional service. Our team have specialist tools and equipment for this type of work.

Other Dismantling

Looking to dismantle something else? We offer our industrial plant dismantling services across a range of industries throughout the UK so get in touch to find out how we can assist you.

About Synergy Lifting's industrial plant dismantling service...

Industrial Plant Dismantling Safety

At Synergy Lifting, we always treat safety as the number one priority and this is especially important for our industrial plant dismantling projects. All of our plant dismantling projects are carried out under CDM (Construction Design and Management) regulations with a strict attention to detail. As with our other works, the initial step is for our team to devise a through method statement and risk assessment (RAMS) with a detailed outline of how the dismantling works will be carried out and a thorough investigation into potential risks. Our industrial plant dismantling team do not cut corners and we will often opt to use non-destructive dismantling techniques in order to maintain the structural integrity of plant during the loading and unloading process. All of our craneage on site is carried out under fully insured contract lift terms with a full set of RAMS / lift plan. Our site supervisors work alongside other contractors on site to ensure everyone is aware of the risks involved in our industrial plant dismantling activities.

Industrial Plant Dismantling Coverage

Our industrial plant dismantling projects division operate across the UK and even venture into Europe. We are able to carry out industrial plant dismantling works across a range of industries and on both small and large scale projects. Our team are able to operate during shutdowns or during the night to minimise disruption on site as we operate a 24/7 365 service to tie in with our clients' requirements.

Industrial Plant Dismantling Cost

All of our industrial plant dismantling projects are carefully costed based on the specifics of your site. Often, our team are able to give an indicative cost if you are only in the planning stages. Our industrial plant dismantling projects division take pride in being able to offer a full package service which helps reduce project costs and give you peace of mind. We have our own plant and equipment which allows us to keep costs low for our clients and we are able to use our experience to devise efficient working methods to reduce both timescales and costs whilst maintaining high levels of safety.

Industrial Plant Dismantling Capabilities

Whether you have an entire plant to relocate, a plant to dispose of or just a single piece of machinery to move, Synergy Lifting are here to help. Our industrial plant dismantling projects division have experience working in the UK and Europe and our skilled, competent workforce are able to work across all industries. With SafeContractor status, you can be rest assured that we are able to provide a safe dismantling project from start to finish and as registered waste carriers we can dispose of redundant equipment in an environmentally friendly manner. Our industrial plant dismantling team are capable and adept at dismantling plants with heavy equipment, working alongside our heavy lift division, and small plants with light machinery to shift.

Examples of our industrial plant dismantling projects...

Synergy Lifting Structural Dismantling

Structural Dismantling

Synergy Lifting recently completed a demolition project in Cleethorpes. This project required the complete demolition of the building seen in the photo above. The site was completely demolished and cleared within a 3 week period by Synergy Lifting's professional workforce. We are proud to offer our fully project managed demolition service as a one stop shop to make these projects efficient and cost effective. Read more about our demolition and structural dismantling services here.

Synergy Lifting Strip Demolition - Eldon Brickworks

Brickworks Strip Demolition

Synergy Lifting undertook a strip demolition project in a redundant brickworks. This factory dismantling project involved decommissioning machinery and dismantling internal structures such as railings and platforms. The strip demolition was carried out in a timely and safe manner and within budget. As well as disposing of waste materials, Synergy also relocated much of the plant to a new site where it was reassembled alongside other new machinery - providing a full package service.

Synergy Lifting Dismantle Silos

Dismantling & Removing Silos

Synergy Lifting regularly remove redundant assets from site. In this instance, we removed three redundant silos from Greggs bakery in Leeds. Our team dismantled the supporting structure and provided the cranes (as a contract lift) and transport to remove the silos from the site and safely dispose of the waste (as we are upper tier registered waste carriers). As well as removing silos, Synergy Lifting also lift new ones into place - check out our crane hire service or technical lifting.

Synergy Lifting Dismantle Batching Plant

Dismantle Batching Plant

On a recent project, Synergy Lifting completely dismantled a redundant batching plant and disposed of all waste materials. As usual, Synergy Lifting adhered to strict health and safety policies on site and work was carried out under thoroughly planned method statements accompanied by detailed risk assessments. The batching plant contained 3 silos, conveyors, ductwork and various other items which were lifted and transported off site for disposal in an environmentally friendly manner.

What does our industrial plant dismantling service entail?

1. Site Visit

The first step is for Synergy Lifting's industrial plant dismantling team to conduct a site audit to produce documentation for the following steps.

2. Quotation

Following our initial site visit, our team will produce a detailed quotation with an outline of our scope of works and timescales.

3. HSE Assessment

Our team will undertake our initial HSE assessment of the site and works to establish any issues expected with the dismantling works.

4. COSHH Assessment

The team will then create a detailed COSHH assessment to enable us to analyse any potential hazardous substances, asbestos or fumes on site.

5. Contract Lift Assessment

Our cranes division will assess any lifting operations required to complete the dismantling works to allow a lift plant to be formulated.

6. Structural Survey

Our industrial plant dismantling team will conduct a structural survey to highlight any potential structural issues – including lifting points.

7. Risk Assessments

With safety being our priority in our dismantling activities, a site-specific risk assessment will be created to go alongside our method statement.

8. Method Statement

Our team will write up a site-specific method statement detailing our safe working procedures to carry out the dismantling activities.

9. Highways Agency

Synergy Lifting will work with local councils to arrange any necessary permits or road closures if heavy/wide loads need transporting off site.

10. Insurances Cover

Synergy Liftings full comprehensive insurance covers will be presented to the client before dismantling work commences on site.

11. Project Management

The industrial plant dismantling work will be undertaken by Synergy Lifting’s highly trained dismantling team utilising specialist equipment.

12. Waste Disposal

Synergy Lifting will dispose of all waste materials in a safe and environmentally friendly manner with scrap value offset against the price of the work.

Why choose Synergy Lifting?

Synergy Lifting have a undertaken a portfolio of industrial plant dismantling projects across the UK. Our attention to health and safety is illustrated by our zero accident record and we provide thorough methods and risk assessments for all our dismantling works. Synergy Lifting are able to provide a turnkey industrial plant dismantling package, utilising our own specialist plant and equipment to carry out the works. Our industrial plant dismantling projects division are able to offer two types of dismantling service - dismantling by design (destructive dismantling) or non-destructive dismantling. To find out how we can help you, get in touch with us today and we can arrange an initial site visit.

  • Free quotes and site visits
  • Safe disposal of asbestos
  • Complete plant dismantling package
  • Heavy lift moves using our cranes and equipment
  • Site cleanup, including waste, asbestos and scrap removal
  • Adherence to Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015
Dismantling by DesignTo remove a structure, plant or piece of equipment without the need to maintain its integrity for reuse.
Non-Destructive DismantlingTo remove a structure, plant or piece of equipment in such a way that its integrity for reuse is not compromised.