Dismantling and Demolition

Our highly experienced project managers work within your timescales to carry out full dismantling and demolition of industrial and commercial buildings. From redundant factories or plants to warehouses and office blocks, Synergy Lifting are adept at providing a fully project managed dismantling and demolition service. Our specialist CPCS qualified and competently trained workforce coupled with a thorough understanding of these types of projects means we can offer a first class dismantling and demolition service on time and on budget. Our team of steel erectors coupled with our plant and equipment make us an ideal choice for erecting steel structures. We are also adept at dismantling steel structures and carrying out the removal of steel to completely clear a site.

Take a look at some of the work we have done...

Synergy Lifting Crane Hire - Machinery Removal

Demolition - Cleethorpes

Synergy Lifting recently completed a demolition project in Cleethorpes. This project required the complete demolition of the building seen in the photo above. The site was completely demolished and cleared within a 3 week period by Synergy Lifting's professional workforce. We are proud to offer our fully project managed demolition service as a one stop shop to make these projects efficient and cost effective.

Synergy Lifting Crane Hire - Construction Sites

Strip-Out - Eldon Brickworks

Synergy Lifting undertook a strip demolition project in a redundant brickworks. This project involved decommissioning machinery and dismantling internal structures such as railings and platforms. The strip demolition was carried out in a timely and safe manner and within budget. As well as disposing of waste materials, Synergy also relocated much of the plant to a new site, providing a full package solution.

Synergy Lifting Crane Hire - Engineering Firms

Scrap Dismantling - Leeds

Synergy Lifting regularly remove redundant assets from site. In this instance, we removed three redundant silos from Greggs bakery in Leeds. Our team dismantled the supporting structure and provided the cranes and transport to remove the silo from the site and safely dispose of the waste. As well as removing silos, Synergy Lifting also lift new ones into place - check out our crane hire service or technical lifting.

Why choose Synergy Lifting?

Constant investment in new equipment ensures we are able to provide our clients with a first class dismantling and demolition service. We have resources at hand to meet your needs, including experienced, qualified and accredited employees and fully certified equipment maintained to the highest standards. We have a proven track record of completing any size of dismantling and demolition project, adhering to the precise specification of the job whilst operating to the highest levels of health and safety possible. Whether the contract requires total demolition of a power station or intricate dismantling within a live industrial complex, our experienced and skilled team will adopt safe innovative solutions to ensure on-time completion.

  • Free quotes and site visits
  • Safe disposal of asbestos
  • Complete demolition of existing building
  • Heavy lift moves using our cranes and equipment
  • Site cleanup, including waste, asbestos and scrap removal
  • Adherence to Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015
FactoriesLooking to clear a site of a redundant factory to make way for a new building? We can even help to remove and relocate old equipment.
Strip DemolitionWe can remove non-structural elements on sites such as fixtures, temporary structures, internal walls and machinery.
Commercial BuildingsOwn land and want to clear it of commercial buildings? We can demolish and dismantle your structures in a safe and efficient manner.
WarehousesWe have experience dismantling and demolishing warehouses and storage facilities within tight time frames.
HousingSometimes the best way to maximise your lands value is to start fresh. We can efficiently demolish housing and safely dispose of asbestos.
OtherNo matter the site, Synergy Lifting can offer a professional dismantling and demolition service on time and on budget.