Heavy Crane Hire Projects Division

For heavy crane hire up to 1200te capacity, Synergy Lifting have a dedicated heavy crane hire projects division. Our dedicated team have decades of experience in the heavy crane hire field and are able to offer the most thorough contract lift service with detailed method statements, risk assessments and lift plans to ensure all of our heavy lifting operations run safely and efficiently. Our heavy crane hire projects division can provide solutions for a variety of lifting requirements across the UK and Europe - lifting heavy machinery through the roof of a factory; lifting boats out of the water; dismantling redundant plants; the list goes on...

Heavy Crane Hire Fleet - 200 tonnes to 1200 tonnes

Synergy Lifting are able to supply heavy crane hire on a contract lift basis across the UK on projects of any scale. We are able to offer a cost-effective heavy cranes solution for clients and offer no obligation same day quotations.

Take a look at some of the heavy crane hire work we have done...

220te Heavy Crane Saves Thousands of Pounds for Client

220te Heavy Crane Saves Thousands of Pounds for Client

A new customer of ours had been told they would require a 300te crane to carry out lifting over a week long period. After a site visit and an assessment of the lifts, our AutoCAD team devised a new lift plan that would utilise a 220te crane in 3 positions instead of the original 300te crane in one position. Although this increased the time needed for mobilising and demobilising the crane, our efficient working method meant we had the lifting done in just 4 days - almost half the originally allocated time for lifting activities. Heavy crane hire can be relatively expensive so at Synergy Lifting we are always looking to save money for our customers by assessing a variety of options.

350te Heavy Crane in the Early Hours of the Morning

350te Heavy Crane in the Early Hours of the Morning

We recently lifted an MRI scanner from a hospital utilising a 350te crane. Synergy Lifting put 100% effort into all of our lifting activities but this one required special attention due to the lifting operation taking place at a hospital. The heavy crane needed positioning alongside the front of the hospital close to the A&E entrance. Extra care was taken to manage traffic, with ambulances needing immediate access. The lift was also done during the early hours of the morning to minimise disruption as much as possible. Synergy Lifting's heavy crane hire projects division are always able to work around our client's needs and this flexibility is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

500te Heavy Crane to Lift Equipment through a Roof Opening

500te Heavy Crane to Lift Equipment through a Roof Opening

Lifting equipment through roof openings is a standard lifting operation for Synergy Lifting's heavy crane hire projects division. Recently, Synergy Lifting provided a 500te crane on a contract lift basis to lift a new piece of equipment at a food manufacturing facility. As well as a 500te crane, Synergy Lifting have also provided other heavy cranes on the same site, including a 350te crane. As well as heavy crane hire services, we have also provided smaller cranes, plant and even labour only on the same site - illustrating the broad range of services available for our clients. Please feel free to contact our heavy crane hire projects division today to see how we can help you with your project.

220te Heavy Crane to Install Overhead Cranes

220te Heavy Crane to Install Overhead Cranes

Synergy Lifting recently completed a heavy lift project for a large steel stockist building a new warehousing facility where we utilised a 220te crane to facilitate the installation of some new overhead cranes shipped in from Italy. This involved working blind as the crane was positioned outside the building and needed the the hook to be lowered through a roof opening to lift the large overhead cranes up and into position for installers to carry out the final fit. This heavy crane lift required careful planning and coordination due to the positioning of the crane and the multiple crane positions required to lift up all of the overhead cranes in the warehouse premises.

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About Synergy Lifting's heavy crane hire service...

Heavy Crane Hire Safety

Although cost is a very important factor in heavy crane hire operations, safety is always first - one of key advantages is that we are able to offer a heavy crane hire service with emphasis on safety whilst remaining cost-conscious for our customers. Our heavy crane hire lifting operations are ingrained with safety at every point in the project. Initially, Synergy Lifting's Appointed Person carries out a thorough site visit to help determine the best safe working method and then uses this information to formulate a thorough set of heavy crane hire RAMS (risk assessments and method statements). The Appointed Person then works alongside our CAD Technicians to devise a detailed heavy crane hire lift plan showing the crane position and radius. When on site, our Lift Supervisors work alongside all other contractors to ensure everyone on site is aware of the risks involved in the lifting operations from mobilisation through to demobilisation and leaving site.

Heavy Crane Hire Lift Plans

Our team of professionals includes CAD drafters and experienced Appointed Persons so we are able to provide clients with detailed lift plans. When it comes to heavy crane hire, safety is paramount. As with all our contract lifts, we aim to achieve efficient, cost effective safe working methods. If we can reduce heavy crane hire costs through the use of alternative lifting methods and setups, we always pass this cost-saving onto our client.

Heavy Crane Hire Coverage

Our heavy crane hire projects division operate across the UK and Europe. Whether working on chemical plants, working in factories or working at any other type of site, we are able to offer a thorough heavy crane hire service with a free no obligation site visit by a member of our team. With SafeContractor status and thorough safety systems, we can work on any site alongside others.

Heavy Crane Hire Cost

Our heavy crane hire management team take pride in remaining cost-conscious when our customers approach us with a heavy crane hire request. We have helped to save some of our customers thousands of pounds on single projects when they have approached us after being quoted extremely high costs by other heavy crane hire firms. By choosing Synergy Lifting, you can be rest-assured that our experienced management team consisting of Appointed Persons and CAD technicians are going to assess a range of potential lifting scenarios to help you arrive at a cost-effective heavy crane hire solution. For example, we will assess tandem lift operations, different crane configurations based on ballast and fly jib set ups, crane positioning and load dismantling to make sure we can provide you with a cost-effective heavy crane hire solution on a fully insured contract lift basis.

Heavy Crane Hire Capacities

Synergy Lifting are able to provide heavy cranes up to 1200te capacity across the UK and Europe. From short one day hires for single lifts to long term projects, our heavy crane hire division are able to provide a service that is bespoke to each client's circumstances. We pride ourselves on offering a full package heavy crane hire service with a hands on approach from the initial site visit through to the lift and demobilisation.

Heavy Crane Hire Projects

Unlike other crane hire firms, we are able to offer a much broader range of services alongside our heavy crane hire service. For example, if removing redundant plant or equipment from site, we are able to transport and dispose of this waste. In addition to heavy crane hire, our services include: dismantling, erection, machine movement, factory relocation, plant strip outs and labour provision. When dismantling and disposing of plants, we are able to offer a competitive price by offsetting the scrap value against the cost of our works.

Do I need crane hire or a contract lift?

The table below outlines the key differences between a crane hire and a contract lift. The main difference is that if you do not have an Appointed Person to plan the lifting activities for you, you will probably need a contract lift. If you are not sure which one is best for you, we can talk you through this on the phone or via our website live chat.

QuestionCrane HireContract Lift
Is a crane with operator supplied?YesYes
Who is responsible for selecting a suitable crane?CustomerCrane Firm
Who plans the lift?Customer's AP*Crane Firm's AP*
Who arranges slinging and signalling duties?CustomerCrane Firm
Who is responsible for supervising the lift?CustomerCrane Firm
Who is responsible for all loss or damage to the crane?CustomerCrane Firm
Who takes on legal liability in the event of injury or damage?CustomerCrane Firm
Who is responsible for insuring the plant and goods under hook?CustomerCrane Firm
* AP (Appointed Person) is a person qualified to plan lifting operations.

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