General Crane Hire

From 7te cranes to 200te cranes, we provide small crane hire to customers every day of the week. If you require a fully insured contract lift, get in touch today for an indicative price and to arrange a site visit.

Examples of our general crane hire work:

Synergy Lifting operate a range of small cranes such as our Grove Pick & Carry crane which is ideal for lifting heavy machinery inside factories, our 50te Demag which is perfect lifting heavy equipment or steel erection and we even operate a trailer crane which is ideal for lifting light items such as roof trusses and hot tubs. Access to general cranes with up to 200te capacity means we can deliver a full package lifting service to clients whatever their needs may be.

Mobile cranes with capacities from 7te up to 200te.

Heavy Crane Hire

For cranes up to 1200te capacity, Synergy Lifting have delivered heavy crane hire on projects throughout the UK. From lifting heavy machinery to dismantling structures, our heavy cranes division are here to help.

Examples of our heavy crane hire work:

Operating cranes with up to 1000te capacity, Synergy Lifting are the perfect choice when it comes to heavy lifting. For example, we have utilised 220te cranes to dismantle buildings, 350te cranes to lift heavy equipment from a far reach and 500te cranes to remove redundant plant from factories. With an experienced team and a cost conscious attitude, we can deliver heavy lifting operations with efficiency and safety in mind.

Mobile cranes with capacities from 200te to 1200te.

Take a look at some of the work we have done...

Synergy Lifting on ITV

ITV Studio's hit television series Vera, a British crime drama series, recently featured Synergy Lifting's 50te crane. The scene features our Demag AC50-1 lifting a submerged van out of a lake at Greenfoot Quarry, County Durham. The Synergy Lifting team waited for hours until the natural lighting was perfect for the scene to be shot by ITV's film crew.

The scene is shown in Vera Season 8, Episode 2 (Black Ice) which first aired on ITV on January 14th 2018.

Synergy Lifting Crane Hire - Machinery Removal

Machinery Removal

Whether it is moving a single machine or heavy piece of equipment on site or the relocation of an entire factory, we can provide an affordable and efficient service. On a project for Eldon Brickworks, Synergy dismantled and transported manufacturing equipment from one site to another for reassembly. We also stripped out the old factory and disposed of any waste materials for our client. On another recent project we lifted a large drum from transport onto machine moving skates for installation by engineers.

Synergy Lifting Crane Hire - HVAC Installers

HVAC Installers

Working on Darlington Memorial Hospital for over 1 year, Synergy Lifting utilised a range of cranes from 50te capacity up to 350te capacity and also carried out work with mobile tower cranes. A large part of this project involved lifting up AHUs, general ductwork, chiller pumps and other equipment. As registered waste carriers, we also removed redundant equipment for disposal off site. Synergy are available to work on small one day projects or long terms projects spanning months.

Synergy Lifting Crane Hire - Construction Sites

Construction Sites

From roof trusses to pallets of bricks to steelwork to prefab panels to entire modular builds. Synergy Lifting have worked on small sites for local builders and large sites for international modular manufacturers. A recent project in Leeds saw us lift prefabricated panels onto site over the course of a few weeks utilising our 25te truck crane. On another site, we helped to lift and install over 600 prefabricated modules into place as part of a new student accommodation block over the course of 18 months.

Synergy Lifting Crane Hire - Steel Erection

Steel Erection

On a recent site at Union Street in Newcastle, Synergy Lifting successfully erected a brand new student accommodation block. We worked alongside steel fabricators to coordinate delivery schedules with our work. Working with our 50t crane on the site and a range of other plant and equipment which was utilised when erecting the steel structure, our qualified and experienced steel erectors had the structure up on time and without issue.

Synergy Lifting Crane Hire - Engineering Firms

Engineering Firms

Synergy Lifting work alongside many engineering firms across the UK who need affordable but efficient and safe contract lifts. A recent project involved removing a heavy MRI Scanner from a hospital for repair work. The involved utilising a 300te crane in a confined space, working in the early hours of the morning to minimise disruption and manage traffic due to the lift partially obstructing ambulances. We work with engineers of all types of equipment and are able to offer same day quotes tailored to your specific project.

Synergy Lifting Crane Hire - Other

Other Work

We work with all types of customers across the UK on projects of all sizes and in a range of sectors. We work in the energy/power sector, in the food/beverage sector, alongside manufacturers and have even featured on ITV's television series Vera. We are not just a standard crane hire firm either, we pride ourselves on offering a full package service - whether this be relocating a factor, dismantling a building, clearing a site or removing redundant plant for disposal...

Do I need crane hire or a contract lift?

The table below outlines the key differences between a crane hire and a contract lift. The main difference is that if you do not have an Appointed Person to plan the lifting activities for you, you will probably need a contract lift. If you are not sure which one is best for you, we can talk you through this on the phone or via our website live chat.

QuestionCrane HireContract Lift
Is a crane with operator supplied?YesYes
Who is responsible for selecting a suitable crane?CustomerCrane Firm
Who plans the lift?Customer's AP*Crane Firm's AP*
Who arranges slinging and signalling duties?CustomerCrane Firm
Who is responsible for supervising the lift?CustomerCrane Firm
Who is responsible for all loss or damage to the crane?CustomerCrane Firm
Who takes on legal liability in the event of injury or damage?CustomerCrane Firm
Who is responsible for insuring the plant and goods under hook?CustomerCrane Firm
* AP (Appointed Person) is a person qualified to plan lifting operations.

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