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Plastics & Metals

Synergy Lifting are a leading machine removal and disposal specialist, providing clients with a full package machine removal and disposal service from one point of contact.

Our work in the Plastics and Metals sector

In the Plastics and Metals industry, Synergy Lifting stands as a reliable and experienced partner, offering a comprehensive suite of services to meet the diverse needs of this sector. From plastics manufacturing facilities to metal processing plants, our expertise extends to all aspects of factory setup, reconfiguration, expansion, and decommissioning.

With an extensive fleet of heavy lifting equipment and a highly skilled team, we excel in handling various machinery, molds, and equipment used in plastics and metals production. Our seamless solutions ensure precise positioning and efficient installations, supporting businesses in their pursuit of optimal production processes.

The Plastics and Metals industry is constantly innovating to meet market demands and embrace sustainable practices. Synergy Lifting is there to support these endeavors, providing assistance in updating facilities, implementing asset rationalization, or decommissioning projects to accommodate new technologies.

We understand the industry’s need to reduce waste, promote recycling, and enhance resource efficiency. Synergy Lifting collaborates closely with businesses to align their programs with operational, commercial, and safety criteria, ensuring smooth operations and successful outcomes.

With Synergy Lifting as your trusted partner, businesses in the Plastics and Metals industry can confidently navigate the challenges of this ever-evolving sector, achieving greater efficiency and sustainability while optimizing their manufacturing processes.

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