12te Telehandler and 80te Crane Hire at Grimsby


Merlo Panoramic 120.10 and Demag AC 80-2


Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, England


24TE SMB cooler shifted into factory

On a project in Grimsby, Synergy Lifting utilised an 80te crane on a contract lift to offload two SMB coolers from transport and into a laydown area. The SMB cooler sections each weighed 12te and were stacked one on top of the other - giving a total weight of 24te. The SMB cooler was then jacked up and lowered onto heavy duty machine moving skates. The 80te crane was then used to lift the rear of the SMB cooler and help guide it into the factory entrance whilst our men utilised steerable skates on the front end. The 12te Merlo telehandler was then utilised to guide the SMB cooler further into the factory and the load was skated into its final position.

In addition to supplying 80TE cranes and contract lifts, Synergy Lifting are able to provide specialist lift and shift services for heavy equipment. Our team are adept at operating a range of plant, including telehandlers and forklifts. We are able to plan a full heavy lift operation utilising machine moving equipment, all on a fully insured contract lift basis with RAMS prepared by an Appointed Person.

Photos – 80te Crane Hire – Demag AC 80-2

80T Crane SMB Cooler - Synergy Lifting
80T Crane SMB Cooler - Synergy Lifting
80T Crane SMB Cooler - Synergy Lifting