With management leadership and employee involvement, Synergy Lifting work as a team to constantly maintain and improve its safety systems in all business activities and services. We are proud to be certified with OHSAS 18001 which demonstrates our commitment and ability to ensure safe practices in our working environments.

We take a proactive approach to eliminating accidents, environmental pollution and resource depletion wherever possible. This is achieved through the implementation of safety objectives and control measures which are continually reviewed, combined with the thorough education and training of all employees.

Our Safety Practices

Equipment Maintenance

We instigate regular checks on our equipment to ensure everything is in excellent operating condition.

Safety Meetings

To review the set of safety objectives, policies and procedures in place and to communicate any changes to all staff at all levels and encourage two-way communication both on site and in the back office.

Incident Management

We take all incidents seriously and work to apply learnings from them in a continuous effort to work towards a zero incident target.


We recognise that it is integral to ensure all our employees have the necessary skills and experience to meet the high safety standards in conjunction with high quality expectations.

Safety Audits

Regular audits allow us to pursue our objective of continuous improvement in safety to ensure up-to-date safety practices.


Synergy Lifting are now accredited SafeContractors and we maintain an OHSAS 18001 certification with regular auditing procedures, giving you peace of mind that we are going above and beyond.

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