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Technical and Heavy Lifting


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Our team of lifting professionals include CAD drafters and Appointed Persons who utilise the latest CAD technologies to prepare detailed lift plans for our client's before our work commences. This technology allows us to assess a range of potential scenarios for carrying out technical and heavy lifting operations which in turn helps us to select the safest and most cost effective method for our clients. If you have a technical lift of heavy lift that needs a professionally planned lift plan with a full set of RAMS (risk assessments and method statements) then we are the best fit for you. Our management team will devise the most cost effective crane hire, contract lift, machinery movement or general lift and shift plan to suit your individual needs.




Take a look at some of the CAD drawings we have done for technical lifts and heavy lifts for different clients. From top and tail operations to heavy crane lifting to offloading routes, our CAD drawings are used to form our lift plan which accompanies our method statements and risk assessments to form part of a safe, efficient and organised working method.

CAD Example - Top and Tail Crane Lift

Top and Tail Crane Lift

In this project, Synergy Lifting performed a top and tail crane operation to ensure that 3 silos could be lifted from transport and positioned without any damage being done to the bottom of the silos. As the transport positioned itself adjacent to the two cranes, the cranes each took the silo's load at either end. As the main lift 50te crane lifted the silo, the tailing 35te crane lowered the silo, making sure that the bottom did not touch the floor.

CAD Example - Multi Scenario Heavy Crane Lift

Multiple Scenario Heavy Crane Lift

On a recent project, it was suggested that a 300te crane came to site to lift a number of concrete panels from one crane position. Synergy Lifting's CAD drawing helped to analyse the placement of one smaller 220te crane in multiple locations on site to determine a much more cost effective method of completing the project by re-positioning the crane at different phases of the job, ultimately creating a cost saving for the customer.

CAD Example - Trailer Crane Lift

Trailer Crane Lift

Working alongside one of our Appointed Persons, our office team were able to plan the route needed to position our trailer crane in a confined space. This unique trailer crane towed by a Land Rover was a much safer alternative given the ground conditions where the crane had to set up and it was possible to simply position the crane in two locations to completely lift all AHU equipment onto the school roof in one visit.


Synergy Lifting can provide crane hire for projects requiring cranes from 7 to 1000 tonnes lift capacity. Constant investment in new equipment ensures clients have access to crane hire from the most modern and comprehensive fleet of all-terrain and truck-mounted telescopic cranes available. Our crane hire depot has resources at hand to meet your needs, including experienced, qualified and accredited employees and fully certified equipment maintained to the highest standards. We have a proven track record of completing any size of crane hire or contract lift project, adhering to the precise specification of the job whilst operating to the highest levels of health and safety possible.


We are often tasked with performing technical lifts that other firms have knocked back due to the risks involved. However, our experienced management team and utilisation of CAD allows us to come up with unique solutions for our clients. Whether lifting a van out of water or top and tailing silos, our team can help to take the weight off your mind.


With cranes up to 1000 tonnes lifting capacity, Synergy Lifting provide crane hire solutions for almost any heavy lift requirement on a national basis. We employ the latest technology to ensure effectiveness and safety at all times in our crane hire services. Qualified technical staff use CAD software to achieve quality berthing studies and drawings.