Synergy lifting LTD specialize in the installation and construction of Light Steel Framed and Modular Buildings. From conception to erection, we provide and project manage the full turnkey operation from start to finish, giving our clients peace of mind. We provide skilled, qualified and experienced engineers and all plant, machinery and equipment to successfully complete the project.

Light Steel Framing

LSF site procedures are highly regarded alternatives to traditional ways of construction and is growing in every sector of the construction industry. Quality control and erection times are vastly improved compared with traditional methods of building. On top of this, LSF methods could reduce the percentage of waste by 70%.

LSF systems can be constructed either on or off site. When built off site in controlled conditions without any of the variables of the weather or site conditions, it allows your project to run smoothly with no delay, this reduces the overall length of the construction process as the on-site installation is quicker than a traditional build.
Another benefit of LSF is that it is very cost efficient, because the systems are manufactured off site, we can therefore provide fixed labour and installation costs to our clients. Because the LSF is so light weight, the labour time required on site is reduced, making this system even more cost effective.

Modular Building

Modular construction involves a process where a building is manufactured and constructed off-site, this is done under controlled conditions using high tech, Eco efficient materials. Modular buildings are designed to the same standards as traditional build facilities, however they are built in about half the time. The buildings are produced in ‘modules’, these are then put together on-site.

Structurally speaking, modular building can be stronger than conventional construction, this is due to the fact that each module is engineered to independently withstand the rigors of transportation and craning onto the foundations. Once all of the modules are put in place and sealed, the modules become one integrated wall, floor and roof assembly.
Almost 80% of the construction activity is removed, this will overall reduce site disruption, vehicular travel and traffic therefore improving safety and security. This provides a huge advantage for schools, hospitals, student accommodation or any other active business, reducing on-site activity eliminates a large part of the construction hazards and risks.

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