About Our HVAC Lift and Shift Service

Synergy Lifting specialise in offering a thorough HVAC lift and shift service for manufacturers, installers and buyers. We are able to provide HVAC contract lifts utilising mobile cranes and also heavy machine movements for HVAC equipment utilising a range of jacks, skates and heavy machine moving equipment. We are also able to offer a HVAC storage and transportation service for a range of HVAC equipment such as air handling units, pumps, coolers, chillers, industrial refrigerators, heat exchangers and more. When a project involves removing redundant HVAC equipment, we can also remove this from site for disposal. Whether you are looking for a crane hire for AHU installation or a heavy machine mover team to offload and position a chiller, Synergy Lifting are able to offer a bespoke service.

Full package service - offloading, crane hire and contract lifts, disposal, storage, transport, lift and shift...

  • Free quotes and site visits
  • Safe disposal of redundant HVAC equipment
  • Offloading, ingress, positioning and levelling
  • Heavy lift moves using our cranes and equipment
  • Lift and shift operations using jacks, skates etc.
  • Detailed method statements and risk assessments
  • Experienced with HVAC equipment installs
  • Cost effective and efficient services
  • We can store HVAC equipment if needed
  • Fast response time and flexible operations

Examples of our HVAC lift and shift projects...

Synergy Lifting Removing Redundant Chillers

Removing Redundant Chillers

Synergy Lifting offer a full package HVAC lift and shift service. On a recent project we removed and disposed of a redundant chiller unit as well providing a contract lift for a new chiller (utilising both our 50te crane and a 65te HIAB). In this instance, the scrap value in the redundant chiller was offset against the cost of the contract lift for the new chiller, helping to create a cost-saving and providing our client with a one-stop shop.

Synergy Lifting Heavy Coolers Contract Lift

Heavy Coolers Contract Lift

Synergy Lifting work across the UK on many sites - from shopping malls to universities to large factories. On a recent project, we lifted 3 number 8te heavy cooler onto the roof of the newly built Q block extension at a GlaxoSmithKline site. For this, we worked at a 38m radius and utilised a 220te crane for our contract lift. We have also provided a range of other lift and shift services on this same site for a different clients.

Synergy Lifting Air Handling Unit Storage

Air Handling Unit Storage

Synergy Lifting were contracted to lift and shift a large number of air handling units at a large paints factory. Delays on site caused by others meant that our client was in a predicament because the AHUs had been ordered and were scheduled for delivery but there was nowhere secure to store them on site. We provided an interim secure storage area for the AHUs before delivering and installing them on site at a future date.

Synergy Lifting Air Handling Unit Contract Lift

Air Handling Unit Contract Lift

At York University, Synergy Lifting carried out a contract lift utilising a mobile tower crane to overcome space restrictions and lift AHUs and other various HVAC equipment to roof level. As well as lifting equipment to roof level, we are also able to shift it into final position by utilising our range of machine movement equipment - including skates, jacks, pallet trucks, genie lifts, gantry frames, chain blocks and so on.

What HVAC equipment do we lift and shift?

Air Handling Units (AHUs)

We can provide AHU contract lifts or AHU movement services and even storage.

Chillers and Coolers

We can provide contract lifts to lift new chillers into position or dispose of redundant chillers.


We can dismantle furnaces for disposal or assist with the installation of new furnaces.

Boilers and Calorifiers

We skate boilers and calorifiers into position in plant rooms or simply assist with offloading.

Ducting and Pipework

Our team are able to lift ducting and pipework into position or remove redundant ducting.

Industrial Refrigerators

Need to store, offload, position or shift industrial refrigerators? We do this for a range of clients.


Our team have been lifted heavy compressors into position utilising various plant and equipment.

Heat Pumps

We assist with the installation of heat pumps, skids and other pump units on various sites.

Heat Exchangers

From offloading to lifting heat exchangers through roof openings, we can do it.


Our team have lifted and shifted industrial dehumidifiers into position and also removed them.


We can lift and shift or remove and dispose of HVAC equipment, including condenser units.

Other HVAC Equipment

We work with all types of HVAC equipment and can offer many services, just get in touch.

About Synergy Lifting's HVAC lift and shift service...

HVAC Crane Hire & HVAC Contract Lift

If you are lifting AHUs or other HVAC equipment up onto a roof or removing redundant HVAC equipment from a height, Synergy Lifting specialise in providing crane hire and contract lifts for AHU installations, chiller installations etc. Our crane hire and contract lift team have lifted HVAC equipment onto roof tops and into plantrooms on different sites across the country (such as hospitals, office blocks, universities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, factories and more). All of our HVAC contract lifts are carried out with a strict attention to detail and we are able to offer a cost effective service that is both safe and efficient. Our competent appointed person will produce a detailed set of RAMS (risk assessment and method statement) and we will also prepare a detailed CAD lift plan to illustrate our operations. As well as HVAC crane hire and HVAC contract lifts, we can also offer our other services (such as HVAC storage and also shifting your HVAC equipment into its final position with the use of our machine moving equipment).

HVAC Lift and Shift

Our HVAC lift and shift services usually involves us offloading equipment from transport, ingress into a factory or plantroom, and final positioning. If there is no HIAB for offloading, we can supply or utilise a telehandler to offload HVAC equipment. We then use our machine moving equipment (such as skates, jacks etc.) to lift and shift HVAC equipment into its final position. Again, our competent appointed person will prepare a detailed set of RAMS (risk assessment and method statement) before we carry out our HVAC lift and shift operations.

HVAC Storage and HVAC Transport

If you are a manufacturer who is low on space or a customer who has had to take an early delivery of HVAC equipment, we offer a HVAC storage solution. We are able to offer secure internal storage for a range of HVAC equipment before delivering it to site at a later date. This also allows us to better coordinate your HVAC installation project due to our flexible HVAC storage terms and ability to provide a full package service. We often take delivery of AHU sections, offer an interim storage facility and then deliver them to site and position them.

HVAC Dismantling & HVAC Disposal

In addition to lifting and shifting new HVAC equipment into position, we are also able to remove and dispose of redundant HVAC equipment from site. If there is any scrap value in the redundant HVAC equipment, we are able to offset this against the cost of removal which creates a cost saving for our client. As a registered upper tier waste carrier, we can dispose of chillers, AHUs, condensers and more. If the HVAC equipment is part of a greater structure, we are able to offer a full dismantling service too. For example, our team have dismantled crematoriums to remove furnaces and then lifted in new furnaces and ducting. We have also been contracted to remove many redundant AHUs and then lift in new AHUs as replacements. By choosing Synergy Lifting, you can be rest-assured that your on site activities will be better coordinated and there are often cost savings created by choosing us to carry out multiple operations that would usually require various subcontractors.