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Factory Relocation


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At Synergy Lifting, we provide a factory relocation service for clients across the UK. We are able to offer a turnkey factory relocation service utilising our own plant, equipment and labour. This allows us to offer a one-stop factory relocation service which reduces costs for our clients and ensures everything is well coordinated and runs smoothly.

  • Disconnection of services and dismantling of machinery.
  • Completing heavy lift machinery moves using our vast range of cranes.
  • Interim storage at our secure premises.
  • Loading/offloading of machinery and transportation.
  • Positioning of machinery.
  • Risk assessments, method statements and bespoke lifting plans.
  • Flexible working hours - we are able to work any day of the year at any time.
  • Plus the advantage of any of our other services such as machinery removal, relocation, transportation and storage.

About Our Factory Relocation Service

What are our factory relocation services?

If you are looking to relocate a factory in the same region of the UK or relocate equipment to another country in Europe, Synergy Lifting have the expertise and specialist equipment to provide a turnkey factory relocation service. We are aware that relocating a factory can have huge implications in the running of your business so we employ efficient working techniques to ensure that your factory relocation is carried out in an efficient manner.

We are able to offer a full package factory relocation service for our clients. If you have redundant machinery which needs disposing of, our team are able to factor this into the cost of your project. Our experience in a range of industries means we are able to offer a professional service for our customers at an affordable rate.

Why choose Synergy Lifting's factory relocation service?

Our factory relocation service utilises our specialist plant, equipment and workforce to deliver a cost effective and timely service. We offer our clients a flexible factory relocation service whereby we can work to tight schedules at any time of the year. Our services are available throughout the UK and Europe and we are able to carry out the relocation of entire factories or single pieces of machinery.

At Synergy Lifting, we are able to offer a turnkey factory relocation package which means you do not have the hassle of coordinating the entire project and there are cost savings created through the synergy of our services - machinery removal, machinery transportation, machinery storage, machinery installation and machinery disposal.

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